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Face My 10 Inches | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1795_lyam_dylan_nick_spears/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI17951507216804.jpg|The young Nick Sears wished to face the 10 inches of Lyam Dylan. Rendez vous taken in an abandoned house where I love going to fuck bottoms, but this time, I'm the one who will film the two scally lads. And I liked to see how the bottom is getting fucked holes by the huge cock of the serial fucker. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Huge load, Kissing, Oral sex, Sucking |  Nick Spears, Lyam Dylan |
Steam and Cream | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1719_kevin_adrien_adlx/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI17191506779540.jpg|Adrien ADLX works in a sauna. A newcomer, Kevin Ass, comes and comes to have a drink at the bar. Adrien asks him if he is new and if he wants a guided tour. Of course Kevin is interested! The young barman is cute and the visit should be interesting :) | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Huge load, Jerking Off, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding |  Adrien ADLX, Kevin Ass |
Made in Bordeaux | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2013_magnum_xxl_seb_destructor_bbk/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20131506358030.jpg|Here we are in Bordeaux where we invited a Belgian named Seb Destructor ansin that Magnum. The two young guys have a big cock and are top! Magnum agrees for the beautiful Seb Destructor to get screwed, and raw! A good video watered juice! | Anal sex, Bareback, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking |  Seb Destructor, Magnum |
Sisto First Time Part Two | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1793b_romantik_sisto/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI1793b1505645141.jpg|Our newcomer Sisto will learn that he should not pose as he works for Ronan KS (aka Roman Tik). Ronan goes down to the cellar to see the progress of the work and finds the young Sisto smoking a cigarette. Since he pauses, let's put it to good use: Suck my cock and faster than that! | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Huge load, Kissing, Licking, Masturbation, Oral sex, Riding, Rimming |  Sisto, Ronan KS (AKA Roman Tik) |
Sisto First Time Part One | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1793_romantik_sisto/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI17931505334906.jpg|Our newcomer Sisto will learn that he should not pose as he works for Ronan KS (aka Roman Tik). Ronan goes down to the cellar to see the progress of the work and finds the young Sisto smoking a cigarette. Since he pauses, let's put it to good use: Suck my cock and faster than that! | Deep throat, Fingering, Jerking Off, Kissing, Licking, Masturbation, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking |  Ronan KS (AKA Roman Tik), Sisto |
Kader Jawell Pounds Dorian Wesh | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1792_dorian_wesh_kader_jawell/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI1792_00081504361672.jpg|Returning from the sport Kader Jawel and our new actor, Dorian Wesh put down their business. Dorian tells Jawel that he is well fucked and touches his pecs. Kader takes the opportunity to tell him that he can touch something else if he wants to! If you like bad boys, this video is for you! | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Jerking Off, Kissing, Masturbation, Missionary, Oral sex, Sucking |  Kader Jawell, Dorian Wesh |
Akim And Willou | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1802_akim_abrahim_willou/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18021503940118.jpg|Akim and Willou wait for a friend in an abandoned place. They are bored and in the meantime, they decide to have a little fun between them. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Fucking, Oral sex, Sucking |  Akim Ibrahim, Willou |
Tiago and Eric Part Two | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1821b_tiago_gonzales_emeric_montelo/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI1821b1502619171.jpg|Here is an excellent meeting between sneaker addicted dudes. It brought together Tiago Gonzales and the sexy Eric Montelo. Tiago, the bottom, will sniff Eric's sneakers at the edge of a river in a show-off scene. Submission to smelly sneakers in the wilderness, and naked fuck, sneakers to the feet .. You will love this video! | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Jerking Off, Kissing, Masturbation, Oral sex, Riding, Sucking |  Tiago Gonzales, Emeric Montelo |
Tiago and Eric Part One | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1821_tiago_gonzales_emeric_montelo/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18211502037099.jpg|Here is an excellent meeting between sneaker addicted dudes. It brought together Tiago Gonzales and the sexy Eric Montelo. Tiago, the bottom, will sniff Eric's sneakers at the edge of a river in a show-off scene. Submission to smelly sneakers in the wilderness, and naked fuck, sneakers to the feet .. You will love this video! | Anal sex, Deep throat, Fingering, Fucking, Jerking Off, Kissing, Masturbation, Oral sex, Sucking |  Emeric Montelo, Tiago Gonzales |
Cream My Ass | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2032_steve_winter_alexis_bbk/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20321501415687.jpg|Here are two newcomers to FrenchDudes, Alexis who loves getting fucked, and Steeve Winter who loves to let go of the sauce in a young and fresh ass. You will love this video in which our two participants will have fun! | Anal sex, Bareback, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Jerking Off, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking |  Steeve Winter, Alexis |
Hot Fuck | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2020_enzo_rimenez_tonio/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI2020_00661500649180.jpg|Finally here is the return of the long awaited, Enzo Rimenez! The beautiful male muscled, will meet a new one on FrenchDudes.com: Tonio. A young beautiful guy who comes to us from Belgium. One thing is sure, Tiono and Enzo are hot and this video will sweat muscle, juice and dick. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Fingering, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Jerking Off, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking |  Enzo Rimenez, Tonio |
Grapes And Juice | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1796_smoke_boy_nick_spears/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI1796_00411500551873.jpg|It is a beautiful summer day and the winegrowers take care of the vineyard. This morning a new arrived, SmokeBoy and Nick Spears find him very attractive. The two young guys do not delay to fuck in the vine, without worrying if anyone can see them. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Kissing, Oral sex, Sucking |  Nick Spears, SmokeBoy |
My Favorite Masseur | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1788_aymet_scott_wesley/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI17881500467278.jpg|I like massages like the one in this video. The top guy is naked and he massages the beautiful Aymet SCOTT. As soon as he touches his puck, Wesley gets hard on and as you will see, he has a very big cock. Aymet has only one desire, feel the fat dick of the masseur in his hole. The sensual departure massage becomes sexual. And I love how beautiful Wesley will smash the beautiful Aymet SCOTT, passionately. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Jerking Off, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding, Sucking |  Aymet Scott, Wesley |
50 Shades Of Gay Pt Two | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2018b_50_shades_of_gay/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI2018b1499604128.jpg|We pick up with Tony on his knee's feeding on Pablo's cock. Pablo spins Tony around and props his head against the bed for a throat fucking and some ball worship while Tony continues stroking himself. Picking Tony up off the floor, Pablo tosses him onto the bed and gloves up. Before inserting his cock, Pablo goes in with his tongue. With Tony's hole wet, Pablo slides in fucking the boy missionary before turning him over on his stomach. Pablo wraps a tie around Tony's waist and doubles it around his fist giving us the impression this is going to be a wild ride. Moving Tony further onto the bed, Pablo mounts him doggie style and gives him a few slaps on that cute little ass. From behind the two, our cameraman gives us a great shot of the action; I love seeing Pablos' sexy ass from this angle. Flipping Tony back over on his back, Pablo fucks him missionary. This has tony tugging away at his own cock until he unloads on his stomach while Pablo keeps going. Seeing Tony blow his load brings Pablo to the edge. Pablo pulls out and blows on Tony's stomach adding to the pool of jizz. Ah yes, a meal fit for a king! | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Kissing, Masturbation, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming, Sex Toys, Sucking |  Pablo, Tony MGS |
50 Shades Of Gay Pt One | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2018_50_shades_of_gay/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20181499285368.jpg|Pablo receives today his new lover. Tony does not yet know all the secrets of Pablo, especially his fetishism. Pablo will reveal his share of shadow and asks him for his agreement before entering his private domain, his room of secrets. | Deep throat, Kissing, Licking, Masturbation, Oral sex, Sex Toys, Sucking |  Tony MGS, Pablo |
Belgian Couple Raw | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2040_logan_rick_couple_belge_bbk/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20401499276970.jpg|Here is a young couple of boys. Two years ago they are a couple. To spice up their relationship a bit, they asked us to publish their sex tape. What we have accepted with pleasure, the two beautiful guys share with you a moment of their intimacy. You will understand, it is a purely amateur video, with its qualities and its flaws but completely bareback! Be indulgent :) | Anal sex, Bareback, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fucking, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex |   |
One Two Three Part Two | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1689b_tim_cosla_kevin_ass_dick/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI1689b1497779763.jpg|Kevin Ass is back. This time he works with Dick Steven in a nightclub in the locker room. But you know Kevin as soon as he is with a nice guy, inevitably he has the dick that itches and heats up. The two young guys have a good time and forget everything else when the young Tim Cosla arrives. And this one does not want to miss the party! | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Kissing, Licking, Masturbation, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking, Threesome |  Kevin Ass, Tim Cosla, Dick Steven |
One Two Three | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1689_tim_cosla_kevin_ass_dick/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI16891497461464.jpg|Kevin Ass is back. This time he works with Dick Steven in a nightclub in the locker room. But you know Kevin as soon as he is with a nice guy, inevitably he has the dick that itches and heats up. The two young guys have a good time and forget everything else when the young Tim Cosla arrives. And this one does not want to miss the party! | Anal sex, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Kissing, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking, Threesome |  Dick Steven, Kevin Ass, Tim Cosla |
Lexi Toyz Tops Kevin Ass | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1688_lexitoy_kevin_ass/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI16881496576118.jpg|If you follow FrenchDudes.com for a while, you have to necessarily know Lexi Toyz. Lexi has always been submissive and bottom in all the scenes in which he appears ... until now. Today he decided to change his habits. Especially since his partner in this video is also bottom. This is another regular actor on FrenchDudes, Kevin Ass. Kevin will discover that the young Lexi can be very hard when he changes position and becomes top. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding, Rimming, Sucking |  Kevin Ass, Lexi Toyz |
Be Sensual | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2021_lelio_eros_darkness_boy/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20211495956789.jpg|Darkness Boy asked to shoot a scene with the beautiful Lelio Eros. To welcome this newcomer, we will fulfill his fantasy today. Darkness Boy is impatient, he knows Lelio for having seen it in another of our videos. He is particularly impressed by the size of his dick and he is eager to feel him come and go in his little asshole. | 69, Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking |  Darkness Boy, Lelio Eros |
Juicy Cock | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1846_ronan_ks_manu/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18461495704781.jpg|Manu and Ronan KS are back for a video a little kinky filmed at the bar cruising "the Next" in Paris. Ronan no longer has that teenage face and maturity goes pretty well. He became a very seductive hunk. Manu fell under the spell of our young man. We find them, with great pleasure, for a hot scene in which Ronan cums twice! | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Jerking Off, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding, Rimming, Sex Toys, Sucking |  Manu, Ronan KS (AKA Roman Tik) |
Cum In My Mouth | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2034_jerome_james_yassine_rayan/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20341494757292.jpg|Jerome fell in love with Yassine. Jerome that night decided to join him in his room without warning him. After all we shall see what will happen, at the worst the beautiful Yassine will put him outside. The continuation of this video will give reason to Jerome, his audacity will be well rewarded! | Anal sex, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fucking, Interracial, Jerking Off, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Sucking |  Jerome James, Yassine Rayan |
Kyle & Dylan Trend | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1621_kyle_dylan_trend/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI16211494453057.jpg|Kyle and Dylan Trend are in their apartment. The young couple listens to the music Trend has selected on his computer. But Kyle is hot today and Dylan will be happy to warm it up a bit more. | 69, Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming |  Dylan Trend, Kyle |
Filip and Sebastian BareBack | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1978_filip_sebastian_bbk/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI19781493480771.jpg|Filip and Sebastion are at the club looking for some action when the two of them hook up in a cubby in back. First, they exchange blowjobs before Sebastian buries his face in Filip's sexy ass. After sucking more cock, Filip assumes the position on his knee's and Sebastian mounts him bareback from the rear. These two go back and forth from fucking to sucking, from doggy to riding bareback and every position you can imagine. Ready to blow their loads, Sebastian unloads all over Filip's face first. Filip drops to the floor and shoots streams of jizz all over the floor and sneaker. | Anal sex, Bareback, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Huge load, Jerking Off, Kissing, Licking, Masturbation, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding, Rimming, Sucking |  Sebastian, Filip |
I Must Work now | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1467_titouan_dimitri/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI14671492952970.jpg|Dimitri Swarsoki is busy cleaning up after closing. Titouan joins him and looks like the action hasn't stopped for the night as these two strip down. Titouan is a true ass lover and buries his face in Dimitri's ass taking in the full flavor of this sexy bearded guy; even the sneakers get in on the action. Gloving up, Titouan starts pumping Dimitri's ass. They swap positions as they go at it. Titouan stands over Dimitri's face and showers his torso with a huge hot load. Then Dimitri follows adding his own huge load. The cum shots were so good, we included a slow-mo for all of us to enjoy. | 69, Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Huge load, Kissing, Licking, Masturbation, Oral sex, Rimming |  Dimitri Swaroski, Titouan |
I Will Pay In Kind | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1863_smoke_boy_enzo/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18631492332499.jpg|Enzo must do renovation work in a room in his house. The former owner had very bad taste and it is necessary to redo all the painting of the room. Smoke Boy specializes in home renovation and services. But the young Enzo is a student and can not pay a large sum for work. He therefore proposes an arrangement to his artisan, to pay in kind! | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Jerking Off, Kissing, Oral sex, Sucking |  Enzo, SmokeBoy |
Tim Cosla And Greg | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1739_tim_cosla_greg/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI17391491931591.jpg|Tim Cosla and Greg want to fuck but at home it is not possible. Their respective guy are at home. They have to find a relief solution, and an abandoned house will offer them a well-liked shelter. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Kissing, Licking, Oral sex |  Tim Cosla, Greg Cana |
Briccio and Steph Killeur Raw | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2036_briccio_stef_killer/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20361491240483.jpg|Steph Killuer stops by Briccio's place for an "afternoon delight." Steph pulls his cock out and Briccio begins to work his magic. They move to the sofa where Briccio continues to suck Steph's cock before turning his attention to his sweet hole and takes in the full flavor of Steph. Steph turns his attention to Briccio's tight hole and starts gauging with his finger before working his raw cock inside. Once Steph is deep inside Briccio, it's game on as Steph makes good use of Briccio's ass. First they fuck doggie style and even throw a nice twist into a riding position. Keeping up with these two guys is easier said than done for the cameraman. Bringing this scene to a climax, Steph lays back on the sofa and jerks his cock blowing his load into Briccio's mouth while Briccio tugs away at his cock and unloads on his groin and stomach. | Anal sex, Bareback, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding, Sucking |  Steph Killeur, Briccio |
Finger My Ass | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2015_nick_spears_seb_destructor/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20151490534556.jpg|Nick Spears has been waiting for Seb Destructor to get home. In the bed wearing only his jockstrap and ass in the air greets Seb as he walks into the bedroom. Seb dives in tongue first taking in the full flavor of his partner as he drops his pants exposing his hardening cock. Seb first gauges Nick making ready his hole for his cock. Seb wants a taste of that cock first however and the lay down 69 with Nick continuing to eat and finger Seb's ass. With Seb ready, he sits on Nick's cock and rides like a champ still in his jockstrap. Nick flips Seb over on his knee's and two fuck doggie style. The camera zooms in and out and all around them giving us some great shots of the action. Pounding harder and faster, Nick drives Seb down onto the mattress. Getting close, the two lay on their backs and tug one out. Seb blows first all over his stomach followed by Nick and they seal this afternoon delight with a kiss. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding, Rimming, Sucking |  Seb Destructor, Nick Spears |
Love Hotel Cruising | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1926_mehdi_nice_tim_cosla/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI19261489923280.jpg|Tim Cosla doesn't have to wait long in his "hotel love room" before he's joined by Mehdi Nice. When Mehdi walks in, Tim is already playing with his hard cock. While Mehdi sucks his cock, Tim is like a kid in a candy store and can't stop playing with Mehdi's sexy ass. Speaking of sexy asses, when Tim mounts Mehdi, the camera gets behind Tim and we get a second pair of "sweet cheeks" in our face; DAMN! It's "rump roast" on the menu tonight boys. Tim flips Mehdi over and fucks him missionary style until he pulls out and blows all over Mehdi's stomach, then lies beside Mehdi while he strokes one out and adds his own man creme to the pool of jizz. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Huge load, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming |  Tim Cosla, Mehdi Nice |
Dad and Lad | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1595_jess_royan_tibo_kiff/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI15951489316306.jpg|Jess Royan is here with our young lad Thibault making out on the sofa. As their pants start to come off and with both of their cocks hard, they each take turns sucking each other. They head to the bed to get a bit more comfortable. Thibault gets his dick wet doing some face fucking before sliding on a condom. Time for dad to show this lad some new tricks. The two start out doggie style, then stand to deliver with Thibault pounding harder and faster. Switching up the action, Thibault lays down on the bed so Jess can ride. It doesn't take much before Thibault is ready to blow. Thibault face fucks Jess a little more before pulling out and unloading his young balls all over his face. Jess ends up blowing his load all over his shirt and seeing his big smile, I'd say this was a "happy ending." | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Jerking Off, Kissing, Oral sex, Riding, Sucking |  Thibault, Jess Royan |
Filip and Arcie | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1923_filip_arcie/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI19231488753309.jpg|Filip is "up" to his usual self and looking for a nice cock to fill his holes and doesn't have to look much further than the masculine and hairy Arcie. Undoing Arcie's pants, Filip exposes his thick hard cock and starts sucking while Arcie is busy undressing Filip and anxious to see and feel his sexy ass. Arcie then plays with Filip's nipples while he sucks before bending him over and eats his ass nibbling and gnawing on those tender sweet cheeks. As usual, Filip gives us a great performance as a bottom riding his top. The camera gives us some great close ups and angles of the action. Arcie flips the bottom around in multiple positions before shooting his load all over Filip's face, chest and floor with Filip blowing his load at the same time. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Huge load, Interracial, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding, Rimming, Sucking |  Filip, Arcie |
Fuck Me Bareback Part Two | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2043b_pablo_bravo_erick_steeve_bbk/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI2043b1488101915.jpg|In Part Two of Fuck Me Bareback with Pablo and Erick Steeve, we're still counting the number of positions these two young guys can fuck. Personally, I don't think there's 1cm of the bed they haven't covered. Just when we're all beginning to wonder if Pablo is ever going to cum, he pulls out and blows his hot load onto Erick's hole and shoves it back in. | Anal sex, Bareback, Cumshots, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Interracial, Missionary, Riding, Rimming |  Erick Steeve, Pablo |
Fuck Me Bareback Part One | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2043_pablo_bravo_erick_steeve_bbk/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20431487699319.jpg|Erick Steeve is ass up on his knee's waiting for Pablo and his thick uncut cock to work its magic. Already hard as a rock, Pablo dives in with his mouth and tongue first to take in the full flavor of Erick's sweet looking ass. Pablo pauses to adjust the camera and let Erick take a turn sucking his cock. After some serious face fucking, Pablo mounts Erick bareback and we get a look at Pablo's sexy ass and hole. Not happy with their position to the camera, they move so we get a better view of the action. Watching these 2 hotties is a "must see" when it comes to making home movies along with some hot raw fucking. | Anal sex, Bareback, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Licking, Oral sex |  Pablo, Erick Steeve |
Sauna Train | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1939_jess_royan_waikix_joshua/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI19391486894065.jpg|Joshua is relaxing alone in the hot tub when he's joined by Waikix. With an open leg invitation, Joshua moves over to service a hardening cock. In the background, we see Jess Royan heading out the door when he spots the action and joins the two men. Joshua is now enjoying a cock feast sucking both men which soon turns into a cock sucking threesome. Jess mounts Joshua doggie style on the side of the hot tub and Waikix mounts Jess and the 3 are now riding the "A train." The three men change up positions perching Joshua up against the wall with Jess in the middle. Then it's time for Waikix and Jess to ride Joshua solo while the other sits back and enjoys the show. They take turns at Joshua's ass swapping in and out. While Waikix is fucking Joshua, Jess jerks off and blows his load all over Joshua's chest. Then Joshua blows his load all over his stomach and pubes. Waikix then shoots streams of cum in Joshua's face and all over his torso. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Kissing, Oral sex, Riding, Rimming, Threesome |  Waikix, Jess Royan, Joshua |
Call Of Nature | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1837_akim_eliad/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18371486329596.jpg|Eliad is out doing a survey when he happens upon Akim Ibrahim stroking his cock while watching porn on his mobile. Eliad takes the opportunity to do a different kind of surveying; Akim's cock and balls. Akim stands up giving Eliad full access to do his "surveying." Then Akim takes a crack at doing some surveying as well and goes down to his knee's to check out Eliad's cock. Wanting to "survey all of the land" so to speak, Akim bends Eliad over and zones in on his ass. Using the necessary tools (condom), Akim starts his thorough survey. Once finished with his survey, Akim leaves his seal of approval signing off with a signature load of jizz all over Eliad's back and ass. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Fucking, Oral sex |  Eliad, Akim Ibrahim |
Slut To Fuck Part Two | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1940b_enzo_rimenez_waikix_nick_spears_filip_manu_parker/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI1940b1485718819.jpg|With Manu Parker out of the picture, Nick Spears only has 3 cocks to suck and service. On his knee's, he is fed one after another. Enzo Rimenez doesn't let Nick have all the fun and sucks on Waikix while Nick sucks Filip. Enzo gloves up again and Nick is bent over. Filip stuffs Nick's pie hole while Enzo plugs his winker at the other end. Looks like Waikix isn't going to let Enzo have all the fun either as he gloves up and takes Enzo's place. With all of them getting close, Waikix pulls out and moves around front to join Enzo and Filip. On his knee's, Nick gets "creamed" by all 3. Enzo is first to blow all over Nick's face and down his neck, then Filip who adds huge thick dollops of white jizz on the side of his face. Then Waikix "shoots and scores" a direct hit on Filip first before creaming the other side of Nick's face. Nick is left to lick his wounds. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Group Sex, Huge load, Oral sex |  Manu Parker, Filip, Nick Spears, Waikix, Enzo Rimenez |
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Leo's Casting | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2038_leo_senthy_tim_cosla/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20381484515168.jpg|In this scene, we find Tim Cosla with a newcomer: Leo Senthy. Tim and leo are both addicted to sneakers. Leo wants to be barebacked by the beautiful Tim. I let you discover how this young guy offers his ass with pleasure. | Anal sex, Bareback, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Kissing, Licking, Oral sex, Rimming |  Leo Senthy, Tim Cosla |
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A Chilly Hookup | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1932_yanisso_radgy/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI19321482657818.jpg|Radgy iin the tan sweater and Yanisso in the dark jacket are cruising for sex at the old abandoned house and like what they see; each other. Yanisso walks up to Radgy dropping to his knee's as Radgy pulls out his cock for him to suck. Look at the eagerness Yanisso shows sucking and licking Radgy's ball sac, he looks like he just got a new play toy. Radgy uses his hand to guide the boy and face fucks him before helping Yanisso off with his pants. Now Radgy goes in tongue first to taste this young man and his sweet smooth ass. Leaning against the wall, Yanisso enjoys Radgy's "finger work" gauging him. While Radgy puts on his condom, we get to enjoy looking at Yanisso's sexy smooth ass. With a whimper and yip from Yanisso, it sounds like Radgy found his target. Seems this hole is still a bit tight but Radgy doesn't give up. Yanisso moves to his knee's and Radgy mounts him doggie style; Success! There's nothing quiet about Yanisso once the action gets going. With Yanisso now laying on his back, Radgy blows his load all over Yanisso's stomach while he strokes. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Oral sex, Rimming |  Yanisso, Radgy |
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Ready For Your Facial? | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1925_maximilien_justin_xxl/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI19251480852255.jpg|Maximilien and Justin XXL hook up at the local men's club. With Justin on the mat, cock out, Max is quick to join him on the mat. Watch Justin's body squirm and twitch as Max worships his cock and balls. Max then bares his ass for his partner to sample what's coming. Max backs up his ass to his partner with an open hole invitation. Justin gloves up and slides in. That's one big cock for such a little ass, but Max takes it like a champ as Justin works his magic. They go from doggie style to Max adding a bit more lube and takes a ride atop of Justin. With the camera zoomed in from between Justin's legs and nothing but cock and ass in view, you get an idea of just how big Justin's cock is. No wonder Max is quite vocal during this sex romp. Ready to blow, Justin pulls out and Max takes a knee letting Justin blow his load of jizz all over his head and face running down his chest. Nice facial! | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Jerking Off, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding, Rimming |  Justin XXL, Maximilien |
Fitness Club | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1948_doryan_marquet_gym_louvre_tof/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI19481480284464.jpg|Tof with the shaved head, and Doryan Marquet debut with us today here on FrenchDudes. We caught up with these two at the gym pumping iron. The two were cruising each other as they worked out and it was Doryan that made the first advance. Walking by Tof working on his upper body, they exchange glances as Doryan passed by. Tof got up and followed Doryan to a back corner of the gym. It quickly ends up with both men naked on the floor in a 69 position working out... err, "up" each others cock. Tof flips Doryan over on his back to take in the "full flavor" of his workout partner before sliding his cock in. Now the real workout begins! Doryan licks his armpit while Tof is doing some "stretch exercises" on his anal cavity. Tof rolls Doryan up onto his shoulders and pile drives his cock. From the sound effects Doryan is making, I'd say Tof is a good workout partner. The two change up positions throughout the scene and the camera gives us some great angles and closeups. The workout ends in the missionary positions with both men unloading their sacks at the same time. Now it's time to hit the showers for these two sweaty cum coated guys. | 69, Anal sex, Auto Fellatio, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding, Rimming, Self Suck |  Doryan Marquet, Tof |
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Pablo Bottoms Bareback for SmokeBoy | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2042_pablo_bravo_smokeboy_bbk/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20421479072945.jpg|We find Pablo in a very hot scene. But this time our beautiful Latino will get fucked bareback by the young SmokeBoy. Pablo decided to film his encounter with the beautiful guy and I suggest you watch their sex tape. They took a real pleasure and I am sure you have as much! | 69, Anal sex, Bareback, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming |  SmokeBoy, Pablo |
Charly Fox Gives His Cock | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1959_cole_craw_charly_fox/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI19591478439955.jpg|Our newcomer Charly Fox is working out when Cole Craw comes over. Unable to resist this hottie, he drops to his knees and starts sucking Charly's fat hardening cock. As the cameraman shoots from below the two, we get a great shot of Charly's shaved balls and taint. Sharing in the "afternoon delight," Charly drops down to service Cole's cock and looks over at the camera; wanna to join me? Seems that Charly is an "ass man" after my own heart as Cole turns around to present his sexy little ass for a tongue inspection. After plenty of cock worship, Cole turns back around and Charly gloves up. Doesn't take our new boy long to heat up the action as he starts pounding fast and hard on Cole's "backdoor;" fwap! fwap! fwap! The cameraman gets us every possible angle while these two go at it. From standing up, to doggie style on the floor and Cole riding atop of Charly, it's fast paced fucking. While sitting on Charly's cock, Cole can't hold back any longer and blows his load all over Charly's torso. Dismounting, Cole licks Charly's balls while her tugs one out adding the sweet pools of jizz. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding, Rimming |  Charly Fox, Cole Craw |
Run & Fun | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1937_enzo_rimenez_manu_parker/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI19371477840432.jpg|Out for a jog, Manu Parker comes across Enzo Rimenez looking to hook up. Looks like Manu is going to get a bit of a different type of cardio exercise. After some "warm up kissing," Enzo drops his pants and Manu drops to his knee's. We haven't seen Enzo on FrenchDudes for a while, but he certainly is looking mighty fine; toned body, hard muscles and gorgeous ass. It's Manu's lucky day :) Speaking of beautiful asses, Enzo spins Manu around and takes his runners down to check out his nice "all natural terrain" rump. Not one to waste time with gauging, Enzo gloves up and slides in from behind. After a good "cardio" workout, the two men finish up with Manu sucking Enzo to climax. Enzo stands and delivers a thick creamy load all over Manu's chest. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Kissing, Oral sex |  Manu Parker, Enzo Rimenez |
In Your Face | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1936_filipp_waikix/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI19361477243688.jpg|New to FrenchDudes.com is Waikix who is on the prowl for some ass. He hits up the old abandoned house and popular cruising grounds and finds Filip. Waikix walks up, cops a feel of Filip's ass and whips out his already hardening cock. Filip drops to his knees to service his thick cock while pulling down his runners. Waikix likes playing rough and drives his cock into the back of Filip's throat. Waikix gloves up and spins Filip around and up against the wall. The cameraman gets in close and catches the action in different angles; deep breaths, moans and groans as well. To break up the action, Waikix pulls out of Filip's ass to get more of his lip service. Then down on the ground on all 4's goes Filip for more hard pounding from Waikix. Whoops, Waikix needs a new condom and back in he goes. Waikix pulls out starts throat fucking Filip again while her tugs on his own cock. Filip shoots a thick white load up to his chest and all down his torso. Waikix jerks off and blows his load all over Filip's face and gives him some added hair conditioner. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Jerking Off, Kissing |  Waikix, Filip |
Julian & The Gay Couple | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2039_theo_julien_briccio_bbk/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20391476021191.jpg|Julian, our straight boy is sitting by himself and watching our lovers, Theo and Briccio, make out on the sofa; Theo in grey and Briccio in black. Julian wanted to see how guys have sex together and "dip his wick." Working himself hard, Julian stands up and moves in closer to let Briccio suck his cock. Sitting back down on the sofa watching Briccio suck Theo, he strokes himself and Theo lends a helping hand. Briccio goes back and forth between the two of them so neither feel left out of the action. It would seem that Julian is a bit pleased with how good Briccio sucks cock as he smiles at the camera. Theo gets down on floor and moves in behind Briccio and mounts him doggie style and bareback while he continues sucking Julian. Next thing we see is Julian gloving up and mounting Briccio while Theo watches our "straight but not narrow" new guy fuck Briccio. Look at how Theo and Briccio's eyes meet in this scene. The threesome change positions with Julian sitting on the arm of the sofa while Briccio sucks his cock and Theo is doing the doggie again. Briccio just can't hold back any longer and blows his load on the sofa while Theo continues fucking him bareback. Briccio goes back to sucking Julian and Theo soon pulls out and blows a sizable thick creamy load all over Briccio's ass before shoving it back in. Julian's turn as he shoots a load into the air while Briccio tugs at his cock. Briccio turns and looks at the camera with a sinister look in his eye as if to be saying "definitely not so narrow now." | Anal sex, Bareback, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Huge load, Kissing, Oral sex, Threesome |  Julian, Theo, Briccio |
Two New Hung Lads | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2046_leilo_eros_cole_craw/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20461475414971.jpg|FrenchDudes has a couple of hot young newcummers for you; Cole Craw with the beard and Lelio Eros. The two start kissing and making out while playing with each others cock inside their runners. After exchanging blowjobs, Cole bares his sexy little ass for Lelio to take a taste. Both young men have slender builds and looks like Lelio has the bigger cock in this pairing; maybe it's just the shaved pubes that makes it look that way. My vote goes to Cole for the sexiest ass. Bracing himself on the ladder and bent over, Cole spreads his legs giving Lelio full access with that big cock of his. The view is great from underneath the action as well as from a distance; Lelio does his impression what a Chihuahua looks like when breeding. Cole is so horny and excited that he ends up blowing his load all over the ground while Lelio pounds away. Ready to "bust a nut," Lelio tugs one out while standing over Cole and blows his load in his face and all down his torso. What doesn't make its way onto Cole paints a big mess on the ground. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Huge load, Kissing, Oral sex |  Lelio Eros, Cole Craw |
Hung Contest | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1924_justin_xxl_assan_rabat/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI19241475412953.jpg|Justin XXL and newcummer Assan Rabat are down in the old cellar to see who's got the bigger cock. This one is too close to call for us, so we'll let you judge for yourself. At first, the these two well endowed young men go back and forth sucking each others cock. Then, they see who can it up the ass. Assan clearly takes the "win" in this contest. Okay, I guess that's a matter of perspective. With Assan bracing himself against the wall, Justin gives him a good fucking from behind with all the sound effects to go with it; music to my ears..."fwap fwap fawp." Close, Justin pulls out and jerks off standing over Assan and unloads all in face and hitting the ground. Assan tugs away and unloads an equally impressive cumshot. I think we have a tie in the "who's got the best cumshot?" contest. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Flip Fuck, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Huge load, Interracial, Oral sex |  Assan Rabat, Justin XXL |
Unforgettable Massage | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1941_enzo_rimenez_filip/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI19411474211113.jpg|Filip goes in for a relaxing massage where he is attended to by Enzo Rimenez. Laying down on table on his stomach, Enzo starts massaging the young man's back and works his way down over the buttocks and legs. Taking a closer look at Filip's ass, Enzo likes what this young man has to offer. While Enzo massages Filip's taint, Filip takes Enzo's towel down and starts sucking his cock. Filip rolls over to give Enzo easy access to his own cock. From there, it's a 69 suckfest. Ready to give Filip a "deep tissue" massage, Enzo slips on a condom and starts working his magic inside Filips' ass. With Filip bent over the end of the table, pay close attention to Enzo's technique; then watch Filip's technique. Enzo goes from slow deep plunges to rabbit fucking to demonstrate his "deep tissue" technique. Yessir, I'm definitely signing up for one of Enzo's sessions. For that added "massage oil," Enzo unloads all over Filip's torso while Filip jerks feverishly and unloads as well. | 69, Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Missionary, Oral sex |  Enzo Rimenez, Filip |
Anthony Cruz & Steeven | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1826_anthony_cruz_steven/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18261474121270.jpg|Anthony Cruz is taking a break and having a cigarette waiting on Steeven to show up. As soon as Steeven arrives it's straight to worshiping Anthony's Nike's and sucking his suck. Enjoying both Steeven's foreplay and a "cold one" it doesn't take long before Anthony is ready for this young man's ass. Steeven gets down on the floor doggy style while taking in the aroma of the Nike's while Anthony gauges his tight ass. Mounting Steeven, the cameraman zooms in for a close up behind them. Anthony moves Steeven up on top of an old oven in storage in a missionary position and shows us that old range isn't done heating things up. Ready to blow, Steeven moves to the floor with Anthony standing over him jerking and sniffing his Nike and unloads all over the sneaker and Steeven. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Kissing, Licking, Missionary, Oral sex |  Steeven, Anthony Cruz |
Pablo Barebacks Jerome James | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/2041_pablo_jerome_james/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI20411473578588.jpg|This week on FrenchDudes we have 2 newcummers, Pablo and Jerome James. As the scene opens, the 2 youngsters are at the local sex club with Jerome on his knees getting throat fucked by Pablo. Jerome has a hard time taking all of Pablos' thick cock in his mouth, so he does the next best thing; bends of the mat and opens the other end. With legs spread wide and hole fully exposed, Pablo goes in deep and raw. Jerome is the vocal type and no shortage of moans and groans coming from this young twink. Pablo hops on the mat and continues to "drive it home" pausing only to lick that sweet little ass to keep it wet. The action switches up throughout the scene going from bareback fucking to sucking and rimming and back to fucking Jerome's tight hole. The boys pause the action to show us Jerome's hole now opened and stretched and his hard cock poking out of his jock strap. Ready to nut, Pablo pulls out and moves up to blow a thick load of jizz all over Jerome's face and mat. | Anal sex, Bareback, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Interracial, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming |  Jerome James, Pablo |
Back Room Fun | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1687_edwin_berlin_kevin_ass/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI16871472985728.jpg|Kevin Ass is going in for his shift at the adult boutique. Kevin finds Edwin Berlin, the new guy is there doing some painting in the backroom. When Kevin gets done with his check-in routine, he goes back to check on Edwin again. Liking what he says, Kevin wants to "check out" this new hottie. They start kissing and exploring each others body. Out of their clothes, Kevin goes down on his knee's to service Edwin's hard cock; uncut, thick and with a slight upwards curve adorned with just the right amount of sexy pubes. Edwin steps up on a ladder to make it easier for Kevin and our cameraman takes full advantage to get us a shot of Edwin's sexy ass; yep, all natural back there too! The two young studs decide to check out a recently added glory hole. Ready to check out Kevin's tight little ass, Edwin bends Kevin over at the ladder, slides in and has Kevin moaning as he pounds away. Kevin strokes his cock as Edwin works over his ass. Edwin keeps breaking the condoms and goes through some different brands until he finds one that can take the punishment as much as Kevin's ass. With both of them ready to blow, Kevin sits on the ladder and unloads first on his pubes. Then Edwin steps up on the ladder to finish jerking and unloads a thick creamy load all over Kevin's chest and stomach. I think Edwin has a permanent position. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking |  Kevin Ass, Edwin Berlin |
A Fun Fuck With Kamel & Dimitri | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1529_kamel_dimitri/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI15291472367646.jpg|We're down at the club where we find Kamel kicked back on the couch with Dimitri Swaroski giving him head with Kameron Frost watching from a stool at the bar giving some pointers. Kamel stands up and continues feeding his thick cock to Dimitri before bending him over on the couch and dives in tongue first to take in the full flavor os his sexy partner. On goes the condom, in goes Kamel and starts pounding Dimitri's ass bent over the couch. Looks like Kameron is enjoying sitting this one out and just being an observer. Kamel sits back on the couch with Dimitri riding his cock, then over to missionary. Dimitri has a little fun and slides around on the couch while Kamel is fucking and Kamel loses his balance and falls over on the couch. Good to see the guys having some fun. Kamel climbs up on the couch and continues to fuck Dimitri missionary grabbing onto his ankles; probably making sure he doesn't get away again. Ready to blow his load, Kamel pulls out and slips around the side of Dimitri and blows a nice thick creamy load on his chest and neck. Not to be left out, Dimitri shoots his load up to his own neck and trail of jizz all down his chest and stomach. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Huge load, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding |  Kamel, Dimitri Swaroski |
Fuck Me Raw | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1946_tibo_kiff_greg_kiff_bbk/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI19461472117747.jpg|Thibault and Greg Kiff are chilling in the bedroom on a lazy day. "Chilling" might not be the correct word as Thibault gets other ideas that will "heat" things up. Thibault kisses Greg on the neck as he is looking at the laptop and from their, we're off to the races. They start sucking each others cock, do some 69'ing, a little rimming and the action continues as Greg mounts Thibault bareback; no lube required, just a good old fashioned spit roast. Greg dominates Thibault from missionary and flipping him over on his side, then doggy style where Greg really heats things up. Faster and harder, hard deep thrusts to slow deep penetration, Greg rides his young boyfriend. Then Thibault switches up the action and mounts Greg lying on his back. They changes positions often before blowing their loads. First, it's Greg pulling out to blow on Thibaults' hole then shoves it back in. Then Thibault blows a nice creamy white load all over his stomach with Greg still inside him and they head to the shower. | 69, Anal sex, Bareback, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Hard Fuck, Kissing, Riding |  Thibault, Greg Kiff |
Slut Waiting | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1834_picwik_pedro_palizza/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18341471182627.jpg|Last week, Pedro Palizza was playing with the big boy, Magnum. Today we caught up with Pedro out at the old cruising grounds and found him a submissive slaveboy; Picwick on knee's, hole bared and an open invitation. Picwick makes quick work of getting Pedro hard. Dropping his pants and slipping on a condom, Pedro gets ready to mount Picwick doggy style. The cameraman gets us a great shot from above and below the action. Looks like Pedro is having problems with the condom and pauses; tough finding condoms to fit that thick tool. Fair is fair and Pedro takes a knee to suck Picwick's cock while jerking his own cock. Picwick unloads his sack on Pedro's chest and stomach followed by Pedro making a mess on the ground. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials |  Picwick, Pedro Palizza |
Jordan Fox Dominates Kevin Ass | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1825_jordan_fox_kevin_ass/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18251470555924.jpg|Jordan Fox is looking for some fun in the way of Kevin Ass. Climbing into the bed, Jordan lays back while Kevin sucks on his fat uncut cock and we get a "thumbs up" from Jordan. Standing up on the bed, Jordan then dominates and gets rough with Kevin tossing him around on the bed; for good measure Jordan slaps his face with his cock and hand letting him know who's boss. Flipping Kevin over, Jordan takes aim on Kevin's tight hole. "That's a big cock"; "Tight hole." Taking it slow, Jordan gets every fat inch of his cock; fast and hard as it goes with some deep hard thrusts for good measure. Flipping Kevin over on his back, the punishment continues missionary. With the camera zoomed in on the action, Jordan pulls out and straddles Jordan's chest unloading a thick heavy stream of jizz all over his face. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Hard Fuck, Missionary |  Kevin Ass, Jordan Fox |
Woof Woof | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1824_pedro_palizza_magnum_xxl/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18241469970695.jpg|Leave it to Pedro Palizza to pick on the big boys. This time he's got his eye on Magnum who towers over Pedro. Out back by the pool, Magnum takes a knee to suck Pedro's large uncut cock. Then Pedro's turn to work on Magnum's large cock. The two men go back and forth face fucking each other before the condom comes out. Ever seen a Chihuahua fuck a Great Dane? As Pedro and Magnum figure out how they're going to manage fucking, and yes, Pedro is going to top Magnum; the two men share some laughs and show their sense of humor. Magnum bends down and Pedro mounts him wrapping his arms around his waist and demonstrates how a Chihuahua fucking a Great Dane would look. The two of them have some fun with this before they settle back in the chairs and tug one out. Magnum blows first followed by Pedro unloading his thick stream of jizz all over the patio; "Woof Woof." | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Interracial, Oral sex |  Magnum, Pedro Palizza |
Need to relax | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1590_illane_andrew_alexander/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI15901469342950.jpg|With the day's weather rainy and dismal, Andrew Alexander heads down to the local health club to spend some time in the sauna. Upon entering the sauna, he discovers he's not alone. He finds Illane relaxing in the sauna as well. Their eye's meet and exchange glances. When Andrew exposes himself, Illane doesn't wait for a written invitation and slides over to service Andrew's cock. When Illane squats in front of Andrew, that will get everyone's attention seeing his cock and balls hanging between his legs. The two men now leave the sauna and head to a room where they pick back "up" the action. Illane gets Andrew back to full measure, then lays on his stomach on the mat. Andrew teases Illane slapping his cock on his ass and hole before sliding in. Once Andrew gets his fat cock inside Illane, he starts out slow and steady. Picking up speed with his thrusts, Illane voices his approval. A pause in the action as they change positions. With the two men laying side by side, the camera zooms in for a close up. When Andrew is ready to blow, he pulls out and unloads a thick load all over Illane's ass. Illane then turns over and jerks himself off as Andrew looks on with the rest of us. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Oral sex |  Andrew Alexander, Illane |
The Nike Treatment | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/454_pti_pain_malik_tn/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4541468757417.jpg|We join Malik TN in the more traditional black Nike and Pti Pain in the flashier Nike's. Malik has been eyeballing Pain from a distance when he approaches with a huge bulge in his shorts. Pti Pain has the cure for what ails Malik and waste no time starting "treatment" on his thick member. Treatments of this nature do require the use of his Nike and Malik starts to respond to the treatment with his thighs and hips quivering. Engaging in the final stages of treatment, Malik will need a condom and penetrate Pti Pain's "hole of rehabilitation." I think Malik likes this part of his treatment. We even get a close up of how it works. To keep the treatment from getting stagnant, Pain allows Malik to change up positions from one side of the room to the other, from doggy style to Pain riding him. When Malik stands and blows a creamy stream of jizz all over the Nike, followed by Pain, this treatment is done. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Riding |  Pti Pain, Malik TN |
Cream'n An Ass | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1584_fab_tn_kiff_nicolas/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI15841467911128.jpg|Fab in the cap and Nicky head out to the storage room for some private time together. They start by kissing and making out before Fab drops his pants exposing his fat uncut hard cock for Nicky to suck on. What starts as a nice leisurely blowjob turns into a fast paced face fucking. Nicky takes his turn dropping to a knee and starts sucking Nicky while stroking himself. From the look on Nicky's face and the moans, Fab knows how to suck a cock. Sucking Nicky's cock is just a formality as it's Nicky's hole that Fab has his eye on. Fab starts by taking in the full flavor of Nicky's hole with his tongue before slipping on a condom while Nicky is bent over a stack of boxes. It takes a little work getting Fab's fat cock into Nicky's tight hole. Once in, the action picks up from underneath giving us a great view of the action. Nicky tugs at his dick and his balls rock back and forth as Fab drills his hole; that's definitely a tight fit. Fab continues to fuck Nicky's tight little ass until Nicky blows his load all over the floor while getting fucked. Fab pulls out and unloads a creamy white stream of jizz all over Nicky's back. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Huge load, Kissing, Oral sex, Rimming, Spooning |  Fab Tnkif, Nicky |
Kamel Wel'cums Matt Nantes | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1616_kamel_matt/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI16161467528744.jpg|In this scene, Kamel is the lucky guy chosen for Matt Nantes first video with FrenchDudes. Let's see how he does with our little tiger, Kamel. Up first, how about those oral skills Matt? Let's see how you do with Kamel's little monster. Oh, did we fail to mention that Kamel can be a little aggressive and dominating at times? Sorry about that. Well, so far so good as Kamel looks at the camera with a smile of approval. Then the cameraman gives us a peek at Matt's sexy hole and Kamel gives us a "smile and a wink" while we get a good look at Matt's "winker." Kamel dives in to Matt's ass mouth first for a "full flavor test" before sliding on a condom to see just how tight our newcummer is. Bent over the back of the sofa, Matt takes it all in and Kamel starts pounding his hole doggy style. Kamel mixes it up by fucking Matt "fast and hard" to "slow deep thrusts." Throw in a couple cheek slaps just for good measure, and it's easy to see this isn't Matt's first rodeo. When Kamel is ready to blow, and blow he does, Kamel lays back on the sofa jerking while Matt licks and sucks his balls. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Interracial, Oral sex, Rimming |  Matt Nantes, Kamel |
Ckriss Likes It Big | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1614_kameron_frost_ckriss35/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI16141466368316.jpg|Ckriss is in for a treat today as we wait for Kameron Frost to arrive. Well, I know I'm in for a treat, Kameron is one of my favorite "treats." Let's see how much Ckriss enjoys his treat. Will he savor the treat? Looks like Ckriss needs no instructions from Kameron as he gives us the "2 thumbs up" while Ckriss sucks the "big one." Well, we know Ckriss enjoyed his appetizer, is he ready for the main course? Bent over doggy style on the sofa, we're about to find out. Kameron gloves up and slides in and starts pumping. These two are a good pairing and it shows on both of their faces. Ckriss now takes off his backless undies as Kameron sits back on the sofa and they switch positions. On their side, Kameron slides his fat cock in from behind. Now we get to watch Ckriss tug on his cock while Kameron thrusts. Ckriss starts to cum as the condom comes off while still getting fucked. Kameron kneels over Ckriss and blows a load up to Ckriss neck and covers Ckriss down to his groin in cum. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fucking, Huge load, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex |  Ckriss, Kameron Frost |
Honey, I'm Home | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1589_illane_blair_denkan/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI15891465847702.jpg|Blair Denkan is up late finishing some work at his desk when his boyfriend Illane comes home. Illane pauses to kiss Blair and heads off to the shower. Blair is feeling "frisky" and joins Illane in the bathroom who is already hard himself. They kiss and Illane drops down to service Blair's hard cock who slowly undresses while getting his cocked sucked. Then the two head back out to the Blair's desk. They suck each other and do a little 69 on the desk before Blair slips on a condom. Illane lays on his back across the desk and Blair slides into home base. Illane strokes his hard cock while Blair continues to do his "work." Blair stands Illane up and bends him over the desk; "fwap, fwap, fwap" as Blair pounds faster and harder. The two move to the sofa and Blair continues to pile drive Illane doggy style. Illane's heavy breathing and moaning continues as he strokes his hard cock and the harder Blair pounds his hole the closer Illane gets to blowing his load. Not able to hold back any longer, Illane tells Blair he's going to blow and rolls over on his back and let's the cream fly. Blair cops a knee and jerks adding his own creamy deliciousness to Illane's torso. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Kissing, Missionary |  Blair Denkan, Illane |
Twink Delight | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1588_chad_nicky/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI15881465144904.jpg|Chad Edwin and Nicky are out in the backyard talking and getting to know one another better; okay, not that much talking really :) They kiss and start to make out. Chad pulls off Nicky's pants and I like those sexy underwear Nicky has on; see-through too! Chad starts sucking on Nicky's big uncut cock. What is it about this skinny twinks? Seems like they're always hung. Chad starts playing with his cock and whoa! What's this? Seems as though the neighbors had the same idea as our two twinks. While Nicky takes over sucking Chad, Chad enjoys watching the neighbors. Later that night, we find Chad and Nicky back at it in the backyard. This time, it's Chad pounding Nicky's ass. The cameraman gets on the ground and gives us a great view of the action from underneath as well as the side. Then the boys switch it up and go missionary. Both boys have great asses, doesn't matter if you like them smooth and hairless or with just the right amount of hair. Both are close and ready to blow as Nicky's heavy breathing gets louder. Nicky splatters a thick gluey load all over his stomach and that pushes Chad over the edge. Pulling out, Chad adds a little more sticky white glue and the two head off to the shower. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming |  Nicky, Chad Edwin |
Mickey Taylor Cums To France | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1831_mickey_taylor_xavio/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18311465053423.jpg|Wow, look who we have on FrenchDudes today; Mickey Taylor! We first sat down on the patio and talked with Mickey before his shoot with Xavio. Really nice guy. To get things started, Xavio starts sucking Mickey and has him up to full measure in record time. Nice to be young :) The two young men go back and forth sucking each other for a while; insert some rimming along the way. Mickey slips on a condom and Xavio bends over and braces himself. Standing up and fucking Xavio from behind, Mickey pounds his ass. I'm not sure the patio furniture will hold up under this action. When the two are ready to blow, they both sit back and jerk off side by side. Xavio is first to cum coating his stomach and chest. Then Mickey unloads thick dollops of what looks like white glue all over his stomach. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Kissing, Masturbation, Oral sex, Rimming |  Mickey Taylor, Xavio |
Free The Monster | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/467_diego_arroyo_paolo_ardeso/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4671464539156.jpg|The Sex Club in BARCELONA OPEN MIND is the club where the hottest guys in town can be found. That night, Diego ARROYO doing a porn show in the bar. In closing, there was only one handsome guy who had to clean the club. Diego ARROYO had still not unloaded and he had every intention of empty his balls before going back home. The following is simply TORRIDE! | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Huge load, Kissing, Oral sex |  Diego Arroyo, Paolo Ardeso |
Manu Maximam gets fucked by Cigano Dacruz | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/472_americain_manu_maximam_cigano_dacruz/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4721463945312.jpg|FrenchDudes has a couple of tattooed studs for you this time. Manu Maximum is down in the basement enjoying some "me time" when Cigano Dacruz happens along. The two studs hook up for some "us" time. Pulling off his clothes, Cigano exposes a ripped body and washboard abs. Why do I feel the need to do some laundry? The two men go back and forth taking in the full flavor of each other. From sucking cock to fingering assholes, the action is non-stop. At first, we aren't sure who's going to fuck who. Looks like Cigano wins out sliding on the condom. Manu props up a leg on the wall and Cigano goes balls deep. Switching positions, Cigano sits on a bucket as Manu mounts atop. Cigano gives us a "thumbs up" and a couple of winks giving his approval of Manu's hot ass. Manu strokes his cock along With all of the dirty talk the two men exchange and isn't long before Manu blows his load all over the floor while riding Cigano. Cigano stands and delivers his load all over Manu and the floor. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Huge load, Kissing, Oral sex, Riding, Rimming |  Cigano Dacruz, Manu Maximam |
Malik Bottoms for Antonio Ferrari | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/441_antonio_ferrari_maliktn/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4411463943315.jpg|Antonio Ferrari is a pornstar from the LUKAS KAZAN production . Between two shoots he comes back to Paris to see his friends. He stumbles across FrenchDudes.com and hooked on Malik TN. Antonio Ferrari contacted me and asked me to let him film his first scene with a French production. And as you will see, the porn star loves Malik's cock and pounding his ass! | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex |  Antonio Ferarri, Malik TN |
Hotel Heat Part Two | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1707b_tiago_gonzales_john_scott/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI1707b1463591210.jpg|After taking in the full flavor of Tiago Gonzales, John Scott slides on a condom and the two men fuck doggy style on the bed; for starters. John flips Tiago over keeps going missionary style driving his cock deep inside Tiago's hole. Tiago decides he wants to ride John's cock. Wanting to see the action, they position themselves so Tiago can watch in the mirror. These two studs go at it from every angle and position. Ready to blow, they both lay back and jerk. Scott is first to blow and leaps up off the bed to blow his load all over Tiago. Scott fingers Tiago's ass while Tiago tugs out a nice creamy load covering his stomach. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Kissing, Licking, Missionary, Riding, Facials |  Tiago Gonzales, John Scott |
Hotel Heat | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1707_tiago_gonzales_john_scott/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI17071463429656.jpg|Tiago Gonzales and John Scott are headed up to the hotel room and can't wait. They start kissing in the elevator and even pause in the hallway on their way. Once in the room, off come the clothes and Tiago works on John's "big canon." Tiago strips down to his jockstrap and the two go back and forth from kissing to sucking until John is ready to taste Tiago's sweet hole. Check back next time as this hot duo heats "up." | Deep throat, Fingering, Jerking Off, Kissing, Licking, Masturbation, Oral sex |  John Scott, Tiago Gonzales |
Face Cream | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1812_justin_xxl_nils_angelson/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18121462987253.jpg|Voted "Mr Big Cock" in 2012, welcome back Justin XXL with newcummer Nils Angelson. Sitting back on the sofa, Justin is enjoying some lip service courtesy of Nils. Looks like "smooth and silky" is in order today as Justin is fully manscaped; balls and all. Justin stands to do some serious throat fucking and if not careful, looks like he could punch a hole clean through with that huge cock; Nils does his best to take it all in. Nils does the next best thing to accommodate his partner and bends over on the sofa doggy style. As Justin slides in and drives his cock in to the base, even that tickles Nils tonsils from the sound of it. Watching Justin fuck Nils, it's obvious Justin loves the feel of burying his cock balls deep in warm dark places. Justin continues to pound away until he's ready to blow. Pulling out, Justin stands over Nils head laying on the sofa and unloads a thick creamy white load of jizz all over Nils face. Nils continue jerking and unleashes a gusher all over his chest and stomach. Impressive Nils! | Anal sex, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fucking, Huge load, Kissing, Oral sex |  Justin XXL, Nils Angelson |
A Hotel Romp | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/434_theo_sartera_david_lorka/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4341462474618.jpg|We caught up with Theo Sartera and David Lorka while on a road trip. We all had dinner and afterwards, went back to their hotel room to film a scene with the two of them. David goes the bathroom to relieve himself and Theo is already undressed in the bed getting himself in the mood. David returns and off come the boxer briefs as he takes over from Theo's hand. Theo helps David take down his pants exposing an already hard cock and the two move into a 69 suckfest. With both boys rock hard and Theo wanting to feel David's cock up his ass, David slides on a condom and Theo assumes the position; doggy style. As the action heats up, David pounds feverishly. I gotta say, that is one fine sexy ass there Theo! Down on his stomach and back up on all fours they go with Theo's cock and balls swaying between his legs as David continues to pound away. Ready to blow, the two settles back on the bed and jerk off. Theo is first to cum followed by David spilling a nice pool of jizz on his stomach. | 69, Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Kissing |  David Lorka, Theo Sartera |
Glory Hole Threesome | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/470_junior_mendes_emilio_segura/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4701462438735.jpg|Opening the scene and our cameraman peeking through a glory hole, is Junior Mendes, or rather his fat cock. Emilio Segura walks up and quickly drop to his knee's to show us how these glory holes function; just in case you were wondering (wink). Don't worry about the guy sitting on the stool, he's just a patron enjoying the show for now. I'm sure he'll wait the opportunity to make this a threesome. The cameraman switches sides between the action making sure to keep us on the edge. Remember the patron? Well, Emilio shares his warm mouth and gives him a little head leaving Junior without. Junior gets bored having to wait on Emilio and joins the two. Seeing how Emilio does come equipped with two holes, our patron plugs the front end while Junior enters from behind; Emilio's behind that is. The action gets heated up and so does Emilio stroking his cock while getting fucked. Doesn't take Emilio long to blow his load all over the floor while Junior is fucking him. Then it's Junior's turn and unloads a nice creamy load followed by our patron "no longer waiting." | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Glory Hole, Kissing, Oral sex, Threesome |  Junior Mendes, Emilio Segura |
Straight To Test | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1811_frazer_lexi_toys/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18111462131752.jpg|Lexi Toyz works the new boy, Frazer, cock on the sofa getting him up to full measure. Making sure his partner is enjoying, Lexi looks up at Frazer and sees the "satisfied look" on his face. From down on his knee's between Frazer's legs to Frazer standing up and towering over Lexi, this boy is getting a good throat "work out." Frazer wants to take in the flavor of his boy toy and does a bit of rimming before feeding Lexi's "other hole" with his cock. Frazer can't let his boy toy go totally without a bit of cock pleasure and sucks on Lexi's fat uncut cock before going back to fucking his ass. They fuck missionary on the sofa until both are ready to blow. First is Frazer unloading all over Lexi's groin followed closely by Lexi blowing a thick load all over himself. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming |  Frazer, Lexi Toyz |
Hard Work | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/413_stef_killer_fayss_abel/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4131461774737.jpg|Downstairs and doing a little physical labor, Abel Faiyss (white shirt) and Steph Killeur (dark shirt) are taking a break. Working more on their "labor of love"... okay, okay, their love of cock. Stroking and sucking each others cock, the two get all "worked up." Now this is my kind of work (wink.) Work it boys, work it! Abel turns around and bares his ass and Steph needs no instructions. Hole plus finger, plus tongue, equals his hard cock in hole. While Steph gloves up, Abel grabs more lube to accommodate Steph's large cock and the ease of entry. Abel bends back over supporting himself with one arm and strokes his cock with the other while Steph pounds away from behind. With break time almost over, the two men settle back and finish jerking themselves off. But not before Abel gets another taste of Steph's cock. Ready to blow, Steph leans back and spews his load all over the floor, then feeds it to Abel while her jerks and shoots his load up onto his stomach. It's hard work, but somebody has to do it. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Interracial, Kissing, Oral sex, Rimming |  Abel Faiyss, Steph Killeur |
Night Meeting | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/471_emilio_segura_manual_arroyo/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4711461134426.jpg|Manual Arroyo, the new guy, is parked on a stool at the club enjoying some alone time with cock when Emilio Segura walks up and joins him. It doesn't take long before these two studs are enjoying time with each other. Emilio drops to his knee's and sucks Manuals' fat uncut cock. Manual throws in a couple face slaps for good measure. Emilio starts stroking his own cock while feasting on the new guy. Emilio bends over while Manual gloves up and slides his fat cock in. Manual drops his jeans and underwear just enough for us to see a sexy ass and with great camera work and angles, this is one hot scene. The cameraman backs off and the underwear and jeans are now down to Manual's knee's. With one leg propped up and legs spread, Emilio tugs at his cock while getting fucked. Unable to hold back any longer, Emilio blows and unloads his sack all over the floor while Manual continues fucking. Now ready to unload himself, Manual pulls out and adds more shine to the floor. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Oral sex |  Manual Arroyo, Emilio Segura |
Fucked by the Ref | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1648_rugbyboy_picwik/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI16481461051423.jpg|Down at the men's club, we find RugbyBoy with his face buried in Picwicks' ass. RugbyBoy then sits back on the wall to let Picwick enjoy a bit of cock courtesy of RugbyBoy. The two men go back and forth playing "suck-er" when RB decides he's ready to play for keeps and score a goal. You can guess what qualifies as the net, right? Yep, Picwick's ass. On all four's, RB fucks Picwick doggy style, then has Picwick take a ride on his cock. RB looks over at the camera as he thrusts upwards into Picwick faster and faster until Picwick blows his load all over RB's hairy torso. Picwick lays down on the mat and let's RugbyBoy blow his load all over him; and the mat. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding, Rimming |  RugbyBoy, Picwick |
Evening Delight Part 2 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1710b_tiago_gonzales_mylan_x/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI1710b1460883566.jpg|Picking back up with Mylan and Tiago, Tiago is gloved up and ready to go. Bent over the back of the sofa, Mylan looks "able, willing and ready" as well. Open wide! From doggy style to missionary, the action continues and Mylan strokes his hard cock the entire time. Ready to swap out, it's Tiago's turn to bend over the back of the sofa as Mylan gauges his ass before slipping on a condom. The camera zooms in under them and get watch Tiago's fat cock helicopter as Mylan thrusts. The two lay down on the sofa side by side and Mylan continues to pound Tiago's hole until Tiago can't hold back. He unloads a big pool of jizz all over his stomach. Mylan pulls out to watch his partner shoot before kneeling over him and adding his own creamy jizz to the pool on Tiago's torso. There's your evening delight boys! | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming |  Mylan X, Tiago Gonzales |
Evening Delight Part 1 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1710_tiago_gonzales_mylan_x/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI17101460883547.jpg|Mylan X is at home working in the kitchen when his lover, Tiago Gonzales comes home from work. Mylan pours him a drink and proceeds to relax him with a cock massage. WOW... that's a lot of cock to massage! Tiago starts to peel off his clothes and begins to undress Mylan. He then takes his turn sucking Mylan kicked back on the couch. I gotta say, these are a couple of beautiful uncut cocks. The two of them go back and forth exchanging blowjobs before Tiago dives into Mylan's ass tongue first. We've included a teaser of what's to "cum" at the end. Don't miss the explosive Part Two. | Anal sex, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Kissing, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking |  Tiago Gonzales, Mylan X |
Nightcap | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/459_macanao_torres_khenzo/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4591460469140.jpg|Macanao Torres goes to the bar on a slow night to find Khenzo all alone. Seems like a good time to get to know each other better. Macanao hops up on the bar and pulls out his cock and Khenzo gets busy. Khenzo jerks his own cock while sucking and has Macanao up to full measure in no time. Khenzo joins Macanao on the patron side of the bar as the two get to know one another a bit more. Khenzo bends over and introduces his sexy hole to Macanao's cock. From under the two men, we get a great look at Khenzo's hard fat uncut cock while Macanao plows. The action gets harder and faster as Macanao gets close to cumming. He pulls out and the two men face each other stroking their cocks. Khenzo is first to blow all over his leg and the floor with Macanao right behind him adding to the mix. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Oral sex |  Macanao Torres, Khenzo |
My Muscular Mate | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/444_pedro_paliza_ballantinos/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4441460046519.jpg|These 2 hot studs are already at it as the scene opens. Pedro Palizza is feeding his thick uncut cock to Georges Ballantinos on the sofa. A quick change up and it's Pedro sitting on the arm of the sofa with Georges working that fat cock up to full measure. Then Pedro takes his turn sucking Georges. The two men go back and forth taking turns sucking each other before Pedro is ready to fuck some ass. Georges lays back on the sofa, legs in the air and Pedro drives his cock deep. They switch positions and go doggy style. We might need to buy a new sofa when these guys are done. The two men kick back on the sofa and finishing tugging out their loads. Pedro blows all over his stomach leaving Georges to finish up. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Kissing, Oral sex, Sucking |  Georges Ballantinos, Pedro Palizza |
First Fist | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/411_hard_master_sathia/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4111459928125.jpg|Sathia lives in the north of France for 2 years and he gets bored a lot. Sathia loves sex and finds that people in his area are much too wise. Sathia has offered to make a scene with us on condition to find him a true ruler. He wants a master who takes him severely in hand. He wants to be dominate and fisted for the first time. Sathia wants to swallow big cock. His wish was granted and you'll love this scene. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Interracial, Oral sex, Sucking |  Hard Master, Sathia |
A Sexy Tight Hole | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/442_sam_minotaure_jess/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4421459689408.jpg|Jess Royan (on left with cap) and Sam Minotaure are sitting on the sofa getting to know one another better. Sam wants to get his mouth on Jess fat cock and waste no time undoing his pants. Now Jess wants to get to know Sam's ass better. After getting naked and turning around, I'd love to get to know Sam's ass myself! (lol) It takes a little time for Jess to get is fat cock in Sam's tight little asshole, but I'm sure you will enjoy the view. Once Jess has that tight hole gauged, they fuck in various positions on the couch. With some good camera work, we get right in the middle of the action and we can see this definitely a challenge for Sam as he grips the edge of the couch and whimpers. Once satisfied working Sam's hole, Jess kicks back on the sofa with Sam in his arms and tugs out a nice load of jizz on his stomach and groin. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex |  Jess Royan, Sam Minotaure |
Room Service Part 2 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1709b_tiago_gonzales_maxence_angel/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI1709b1459354704.jpg|Picking back up with Maxxence Angel and Tiago Gonzales, Maxxence has entered the zone and pumping Tiago's ass from behind. Bent over the bed, Tiago the camera zooms in from behind. I just love watching a nice pair of balls and a cock rocking back and forth. changing up positions, Maxxence lays down on the bed and Tiago mounts up for a good ride. From this angle, we get a really good idea how thick Maxxence cock really is; but that's okay, Tiago rides like a pro. Switching to missionary Maxxence continues to fuck that sweet little ass. Then the two get out of bed and move over to the window. Fucking standing up, the camera works stays with them and gives us a great view; not talking about the view out the window either. The two change up positions a couple times at the window and then back to the bed for the finale. It's Tiago blowing his load first while Maxxence continues to pound his hole. Maxxence pulls out and moves up towards Tiago'e face and unloads, shooting a stream of jizz all over Tiago's face and pillow not to mention a "shot to the eye" for Tiago. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming, Riding |  Maxxence Angel, Tiago Gonzales |
Room Service | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1709_tiago_gonzales_maxence_angel/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI17091459147082.jpg|Maxxence Angel wakes in the hotel and calls room service for a coffee. Did I fail to mention that he was pitching a rather large tent? Anyway, a knock at the door and enters Tiago Gonzales with his coffee and a pair of hungry lips. Talk about 5 Star room service! Tiago starts pulling off his clothes with the help of Maxxence and joins him in the bed. Sucking on Maxxence size-able cock, Tiago parks his ass on Maxxence face; my personal favorite 69 activity. Maxxence then stands and fucks Tiago mouth while he sits against the headboard. Changing up the action, Maxxence puts Tiago on his knee's and dives back into his sweet ass, tongue first, getting him ready for that huge cock. You won't want to miss part two of this hot duo. | Deep throat, Fingering, Kissing, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking |  Maxxence Angel, Tiago Gonzales |
A Club Bonus | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/435_theo_sartera_morgan_daix/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4351458635544.jpg|Morgan Daix heads down to the club to see his friend Theo Sartera with one thing on his mind; getting fucked. Morgan joins Theo in the reception booth and drops to his knee's. Then Theo takes his turn sucking Morgan. Slowly, both men start dropping their pants. As the two get heated up, so does the action as Morgan braces against the wall and Theo slides his cock in. "Thump, thump, thump...whack!" as Theo slaps Morgan's ass. The other patrons certainly don't mind the additional entertainment. The finale is certainly worth the wait. Morgan is first to blow standing up and shoots a stream of jizz coating the floor with Theo right behind. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Kissing, Oral sex, Sucking |  Theo Sartera, Morgan Daix |
College Orgy Part Two | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/401b_ganbang/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI401b1457600247.jpg|Picking back up with the guys, the action is still heating "up" with cocks going up hungry holes begging to be fucked. Some missionary, others doggy style. The cameraman stays close to the action and at times the screen is filled with a smooth tight ass or a hard cock stuffing a mouth. The boys switch up between them getting a taste of each other and tops checking out every hole. One by one, each of our horny young studs start to unload. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Group Sex, Huge load, Missionary, Oral sex, Sucking |  Alexandre Dolce, Ludovic, Fred Sneaker, Nathan Lemal, Rod Malek, Max Lacoste |
College Orgy Part One | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/401_gangbang/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI4011457596395.jpg|Get comfy, grab a cold beer, glass of your favorite wine or have scotch on the rocks. This is going to get interesting fast. First, we introduce all of the guys sitting on the daybed. With the introduction out of the way, good luck keeping up with them as these guys don't waste anytime getting going. Clothes come off, cocks already hard and hungry mouths getting filled. If it's young and horny college studs that get you pumped "up," you won't want to miss this 2 part video. Just in case you missed the names as they flew by the screen, starting from right to left, we have Rod Malek, Nathan Lemal, Ludovic, Max Lacoste, Fred Sneaker and Alex Dolce. I don't know if it will happen as I wasn't involved in this shoot (dammit), but I'm curious to see if they do a "circle suck." But, with all these hard cocks, sexy asses and hungry mouths, there's plenty to see with the boys changing positions and the camera trying to zoom in and keep up. I personally like Watching Max sit on Fred's face getting rimmed while Alex sucks his cock... that's hot! Then Max wants Freds' big cock up his ass and grabs a condom for Fred. Down goes Max and up goes Fred. That gets the rest of the guys slipping on condoms and lining up. It's one cute ass in our face after another. I started to say earlier on that they needed a bigger bed for this shoot, but I'm really liking the "tight" action. | Anal sex, Deep throat, Doggy style, Group Sex, Oral sex |  Max Lacoste, Rod Malek, Nathan Lemal, Fred Sneaker, Ludovic, Alexandre Dolce |
Boxing Day, French Style | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/648_kameron_frost_picwik_boxe/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI6481457443736.jpg|One of our favorite studs, Kameron Frost is back with us in a scene with Picwick. Let's see how good Picwick is at servicing Kam's fat uncut cock. Kameron is the one with the boxing gloves, so I'm sure Picwick gets the silent message as to what will happen if Kam feels any teeth. Picwick even takes a little time out to worship Kam's sneakers for good measure. Bumping "up" the action, Kam starts bumping Picwicks' ass from behind. In true "Kam fuck" style, he plows deep inside Picwick's ass. With the two men ready to blow, Picwick sits on the boxes and takes the lead leaning over to shoot his load as not to get his shirt messed up. Kameron has other ideas. Black shirt? Hmm... how about I put a designer's touch on that for you Picwick and Kameron shoots a stream of jizz all over. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Huge load, Kissing |  Picwick, Kameron Frost |
Cream This Scene | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/559_emilio_segura_valentin_solis/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI5591457422005.jpg|Emilio Segura and Valentin Solis are cuddled up on the sofa enjoying some "up" time as Emilio goes "down" on Valentin. Personally, I'm glad to see Emilio back on FrenchDudes. This is one hot young stud I could spend hours just worshiping his body. Okay, his sexy little ass too! After giving Emilio a good throat fucking, Valentin is ready to give his ass the same. Bent over and braced against the armoire, Emilio is ready for Valentin. With our camera under them, we get a nice clear shot of the action as Valentin does some slow deep thrusts into Emilio's hole. Valentin grabs onto Emilio's shoulder for better leverage and drives his cock fast and hard, then slow deep thrusts and grinds his hips. Ready to "cream this scene" Emilio lays back on the sofa jerking his cock while Valentin straddles over him tugging his own. Emilio shoots a stream of hot jizz all over with a slow motion replay just before Valentin gives Emilio a full facial. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Huge load |  Emilio Segura, Valentin Solis |
Newcummer Pti Louis Fucks Greg Cana | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1830_greg_pti_louis/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18301457108027.jpg|We have another hot new young stud for you on FrenchDudes.com; Pti Louis in the black cap. Greg Cana went out to the old cruising grounds at the abandoned house and hooked up with Pti. If you like the young guys, this is one scene you'll enjoy. Pti Louis is quick to whip out his cock and Greg is even faster to wrap his lips around it. But enough of cock sucking, Pti wants a piece of that ass and stands Greg up in the corner and gives his hole a taste. Turn about is fair play and Pti returns the favor and sucks Greg. Back to what Pti really wants, Greg braces himself against the wall and Pti "drives" his cock up Greg's ass. Some good camera work and we get up close and in the middle of the action. Pti even does a "reach around" stroking Greg's cock while bangs away. With the two ready to blow, they lean up against the wall side by side and stroke it out. Pti blows first and shoots a stream of jizz onto the ground followed by Greg adding the mix with a splatter job. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Jerking Off, Kissing, Masturbation, Oral sex, Rimming |  Greg Cana, Pti Louis |
Bobby Takes On Steph | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/360_stef_killer_bobby/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI3601456931186.jpg|Steph Killeur heads over to meet up with Bobby, our newcummer to FrechDudes. Bobby answers the door and drops to his knees. I think he's anxious to show us his stuff, no? :) Steph whips out his cock and Bobby needs no instructions. Bobby is quick to get Steph up to full measure before they even make it into the apartment. Steph manages to get Bobby out of his clothes and get a feel for his ass. Bobby is a slim young man, not really a twink and more the college type guy. slightly hairy chest, just the right amount of pubes and loves to get fucked. Getting Bobby down on his knee's, Steph gloves up, lubes up Bobby's pink hole and gives the boy what he wants; a nice big cock up his ass. From the sound of it, maybe a little bigger than Bobby is used to. That's okay, once Bobby is gauged, he takes it like a pro. Steph fucks him doggy style, then lies flat down on top of him, then standing. Bobby might like to get fucked, but I don't think he is used to having the "big boys" fuck his tight little ass. After Steph giving Bobby a good workout, he stands and jerks over Bobby's face while he jerks his own cock. Bobby beats Steph to it and blows his load all over the floor and seconds after, Steph gives Bobby a nice creamy white facial. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Huge load, Oral sex |  Bobby, Steph Killeur |
Going With the Flow | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1449_solo_sultan_fox_poupee/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI14491456725915.jpg|For our members that like young French twinks you may remember Sultan Fox. A sexy young 20 year old twink with a big uncut cock that admits he is a bit of an exhibitionist. His first video on FrenchDudes was a solo. This was actually his second video where he let Jimy Fix jerk him off and suck his cock a little. His first and only experience with another guy. Our apologies as we posted his third video where he actually fucked Jimy Fix skipping this video and documenting his introduction to doing "gay for pay" films. In this scene, Sultan agreed to come back and try doing something with another guy. Jimy Fix was happy to be that guy. There were no expectations and we were just "going with the flow." Whatever happened. Sultan starts out playing with himself before Jimy enters the room. He allows Jimy to start rubbing his cock inside his underwear. Jimy took his time being careful not to spook the young man. Keeping his eyes closed, Sultan's cock was obviously enjoying the "helping hand." You can tell we were coaxing Jimy in the background to take things a bit further. Jimy eventually started giving Sultan a blowjob alternating back and forth between jerking and sucking. Sultan stayed hard; a good sign. We tried to get Jimy to take it a little further, but Jimy didn't think it was a good time, so we backed off. We introduced Sultan to "Dolly," a blow up doll. Jimy took his exit and we let Sultan have some fun with Dolly. Then we brought out the fleshjack, another sex toy Sultan has never tried. In the end, Sultan creamed Dolly's backside and filled her hole. While Sultan wipes the sweat and cleans up, he looks on as Jimy takes his turn with Dolly. Jimy unloads his big cock all over Dolly as well as Sultan looks on. | Cumshots, Deep throat, Huge load, Jerking Off, Masturbation, Sex Toys |  Sultan Fox, Jimy Fix |
Sun and Fun | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/content/FD/Videos/1827_smokeboy_kevin_ass/thumbs/trailer.mp4 | http://www.frenchdudes.com/public/faceimages/GI18271456330000.jpg|SmokeBoy (with the tattoos) and Kevin Ass are at the pool taking in some sun. Well, not exactly sun as we see Kevin taking in SmokeBoy's cock. Watching Kevin take off his swim trunks and bare that sexy ass got my attention. Nice uncut cock on Kevin too. Kevin decides enough cock sucking for one day and wants to get fucked. He drops down doggy style on the sun chair and SmokeBoy gauges his hole. Mounting "up," the action is "steady as it goes." The camera zooms in from behind giving us a close up of the action SmokeBoy's balls and plenty of ass. The more SmokeBoy pounds, the more Kevin's cock grows. With the two ready to unload, Kevin lays down beside the pool as SmokeBoy jerks off in his face. They cum at the same time and Kevin is ready for a dip. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Kissing |  Kevin Ass, SmokeBoy |

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