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Featuring: Johan Volny, Thomas Fiaty

While out one night on the town, Thomas Fiaty is with a couple of friends and they pass a McDonalds. Thomas wants to stop and get a cheeseburger and asks the others if that’s okay. Ok with us they respond and Thomas heads in. His friends decide to keep going after all figuring that Thomas will catch up with them. When Thomas comes back out, he heads out looking for them and winds up on dark lit street corner.

Thomas hears someone whistle at him and heads in the direction it came from figuring it was his friends. He doesn’t see anyone but hears the whistle again as he approaches a cement pylon. We see a young man dart around the pylon in what appears to be the start of a cat & mouse game. Well, it was certainly a cat & mouse game, and it’s Johan Volny playing the mouse. Once the game is over, the boys begin to talk and Thomas notices Johan’s motorcycle helmet and discovers they both like motorcycles.

Johan has been working on his motorcycle and takes Thomas back to his place to show him his “pride & joy.” His other pride & joy that is, as Thomas soon discovers. It isn’t long before both boys are straddling the bike frame and into some heavy lip locking and exploring each others bodies. A wonderful “hands on” experience for anyone with a craving for sexy young men.

Now the clothes start to come off and we get to see just exactly how sexy these boys are with their smooth tight bodies. Johan has an ass you could bury your face in for days! After some great oral exploration, Johan decides it’s time to do some deeper exploration and Thomas is more than willing to let him.

From bending over the bike, to sitting a top of Johan’s rock hard cock, and Thomas hanging from a punching bag with his feet anchored on Johan’s shoulders, these boys show us their “Indiana Jones” skills in exploration.

With Johan sitting back on top of the bike, Thomas straddles his cock for a ride giving new meaning to “taking a ride.” It isn’t long before Thomas can’t hold back any longer and launches a thick stream of cum that almost hits his chin and unloads all over the floor. Next, it’s Johan’s turn and Thomas kneels down to suck on his cock and finish him off with a hand job. Johan’s cumshot is one you won’t want to miss!