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Carl Baxter, George Taylor and Julien Heath

Featuring: Carl Baxter, Julien Heath, George Taylor

George Taylor is a bartender in the sauna for men. Carl Baxter is a regular.
Carl invites George to join him in the sauna for a good time.
George said he can not do a sauna during working hours.

Carl told him that if he decides he knows where to find it.
Of course, after a few minutes, George arrives too happy to have a good time with the handsome Carl. When George arrives in the sauna, Carl is already erect and touches his cock.

George rushes beautiful cock and starts to suck. Carl makes him the same and George not long cum. He must return to work and leave Carl.
But Carl never stays very long one.

He continues to jerk when Julien appeared in the sauna, it has a big smile on his face when he sees Carl's big cock in full erection.

These two young guys know Carl and tells him her little fuck the bartender.
He asks Julian if he wants to fuck him and as the boy waited for it, obviously, he accepts!

A hot fuck hot in a hot sauna!