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Hard Master Fills ClemBoy's Ass With Yogurt

Featuring: Hard Master, ClemBoy

This scene features "Hard Master" and Clemboy outdoors surrounded by mother nature. As the scene opens, Hard Master is probing Clemboy's ass with his fist while on all 4's and sucking Hard Master's cock. A uniquely different position than the norm in fisting scenes. Notice the the nice sized cock on Hard Master?

Clemboy then rolls over and lays down on the blanket as Hard Master begins working his hole with some mighty fine "duck billing" action while switching out each hand. Over on all 4's again, Hard Master inserts the "anal spreader" and starts pouring in some fresh yogurt. Looks like we'll be having Strawberry Yogurt Shakes today! Clemboy starts up the mixer and we hear some rather unique sounds coming from his ass.

While still on all 4's, Clemboy turns around and starts sucking on Hard Master's cock as we hear the mixer still running and expelling yogurt. It's time to turn up the speed on the mixer and Hard Master slips on a condom as Clemboy braces himself for some "heavy duty" mixing action. Once Clemboys' yogurt is thoroughly churned, it's time to add a special ingredient to this mix... a thick and creamy load of Hard Masters' personal "fresh protein."

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