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May 12, 2016|A Hotel Romp|||We caught up with Theo Sartera and David Lorka while on a road trip. We all had dinner and afterwards, went back to their hotel room to film a scene with the two of them. David goes the bathroom to relieve himself and Theo is already undressed in the bed getting himself in the mood. David returns and off come the boxer briefs as he takes over from Theo's hand. Theo helps David take down his pants exposing an already hard cock and the two move into a 69 suckfest. With both boys rock hard and Theo wanting to feel David's cock up his ass, David slides on a condom and Theo assumes the position; doggy style. As the action heats up, David pounds feverishly. I gotta say, that is one fine sexy ass there Theo! Down on his stomach and back up on all fours they go with Theo's cock and balls swaying between his legs as David continues to pound away. Ready to blow, the two settles back on the bed and jerk off. Theo is first to cum followed by David spilling a nice pool of jizz on his stomach.| 69, Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Kissing
May 09, 2016|Glory Hole Threesome|||Opening the scene and our cameraman peeking through a glory hole, is Junior Mendes, or rather his fat cock. Emilio Segura walks up and quickly drop to his knee's to show us how these glory holes function; just in case you were wondering (wink). Don't worry about the guy sitting on the stool, he's just a patron enjoying the show for now. I'm sure he'll wait the opportunity to make this a threesome. The cameraman switches sides between the action making sure to keep us on the edge. Remember the patron? Well, Emilio shares his warm mouth and gives him a little head leaving Junior without. Junior gets bored having to wait on Emilio and joins the two. Seeing how Emilio does come equipped with two holes, our patron plugs the front end while Junior enters from behind; Emilio's behind that is. The action gets heated up and so does Emilio stroking his cock while getting fucked. Doesn't take Emilio long to blow his load all over the floor while Junior is fucking him. Then it's Junior's turn and unloads a nice creamy load followed by our patron "no longer waiting."| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Glory Hole, Kissing, Oral sex, Threesome
May 05, 2016|Straight To Test|||Lexi Toyz works the new boy, Frazer, cock on the sofa getting him up to full measure. Making sure his partner is enjoying, Lexi looks up at Frazer and sees the "satisfied look" on his face. From down on his knee's between Frazer's legs to Frazer standing up and towering over Lexi, this boy is getting a good throat "work out." Frazer wants to take in the flavor of his boy toy and does a bit of rimming before feeding Lexi's "other hole" with his cock. Frazer can't let his boy toy go totally without a bit of cock pleasure and sucks on Lexi's fat uncut cock before going back to fucking his ass. They fuck missionary on the sofa until both are ready to blow. First is Frazer unloading all over Lexi's groin followed closely by Lexi blowing a thick load all over himself.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming
May 02, 2016|Hard Work|||Downstairs and doing a little physical labor, Abel Faiyss (white shirt) and Steph Killeur (dark shirt) are taking a break. Working more on their "labor of love"... okay, okay, their love of cock. Stroking and sucking each others cock, the two get all "worked up." Now this is my kind of work (wink.) Work it boys, work it! Abel turns around and bares his ass and Steph needs no instructions. Hole plus finger, plus tongue, equals his hard cock in hole. While Steph gloves up, Abel grabs more lube to accommodate Steph's large cock and the ease of entry. Abel bends back over supporting himself with one arm and strokes his cock with the other while Steph pounds away from behind. With break time almost over, the two men settle back and finish jerking themselves off. But not before Abel gets another taste of Steph's cock. Ready to blow, Steph leans back and spews his load all over the floor, then feeds it to Abel while her jerks and shoots his load up onto his stomach. It's hard work, but somebody has to do it.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Interracial, Kissing, Oral sex, Rimming
April 28, 2016|Night Meeting|||Manual Arroyo, the new guy, is parked on a stool at the club enjoying some alone time with cock when Emilio Segura walks up and joins him. It doesn't take long before these two studs are enjoying time with each other. Emilio drops to his knee's and sucks Manuals' fat uncut cock. Manual throws in a couple face slaps for good measure. Emilio starts stroking his own cock while feasting on the new guy. Emilio bends over while Manual gloves up and slides his fat cock in. Manual drops his jeans and underwear just enough for us to see a sexy ass and with great camera work and angles, this is one hot scene. The cameraman backs off and the underwear and jeans are now down to Manual's knee's. With one leg propped up and legs spread, Emilio tugs at his cock while getting fucked. Unable to hold back any longer, Emilio blows and unloads his sack all over the floor while Manual continues fucking. Now ready to unload himself, Manual pulls out and adds more shine to the floor.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Oral sex
April 25, 2016|Fucked by the Ref|||Down at the men's club, we find RugbyBoy with his face buried in Picwicks' ass. RugbyBoy then sits back on the wall to let Picwick enjoy a bit of cock courtesy of RugbyBoy. The two men go back and forth playing "suck-er" when RB decides he's ready to play for keeps and score a goal. You can guess what qualifies as the net, right? Yep, Picwick's ass. On all four's, RB fucks Picwick doggy style, then has Picwick take a ride on his cock. RB looks over at the camera as he thrusts upwards into Picwick faster and faster until Picwick blows his load all over RB's hairy torso. Picwick lays down on the mat and let's RugbyBoy blow his load all over him; and the mat.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Riding, Rimming
April 21, 2016|Evening Delight Part 2|||Picking back up with Mylan and Tiago, Tiago is gloved up and ready to go. Bent over the back of the sofa, Mylan looks "able, willing and ready" as well. Open wide! From doggy style to missionary, the action continues and Mylan strokes his hard cock the entire time. Ready to swap out, it's Tiago's turn to bend over the back of the sofa as Mylan gauges his ass before slipping on a condom. The camera zooms in under them and get watch Tiago's fat cock helicopter as Mylan thrusts. The two lay down on the sofa side by side and Mylan continues to pound Tiago's hole until Tiago can't hold back. He unloads a big pool of jizz all over his stomach. Mylan pulls out to watch his partner shoot before kneeling over him and adding his own creamy jizz to the pool on Tiago's torso. There's your evening delight boys!| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming
April 18, 2016|Evening Delight Part 1|||Mylan X is at home working in the kitchen when his lover, Tiago Gonzales comes home from work. Mylan pours him a drink and proceeds to relax him with a cock massage. WOW... that's a lot of cock to massage! Tiago starts to peel off his clothes and begins to undress Mylan. He then takes his turn sucking Mylan kicked back on the couch. I gotta say, these are a couple of beautiful uncut cocks. The two of them go back and forth exchanging blowjobs before Tiago dives into Mylan's ass tongue first. We've included a teaser of what's to "cum" at the end. Don't miss the explosive Part Two.| Anal sex, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Kissing, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking
April 14, 2016|Nightcap|||Macanao Torres goes to the bar on a slow night to find Khenzo all alone. Seems like a good time to get to know each other better. Macanao hops up on the bar and pulls out his cock and Khenzo gets busy. Khenzo jerks his own cock while sucking and has Macanao up to full measure in no time. Khenzo joins Macanao on the patron side of the bar as the two get to know one another a bit more. Khenzo bends over and introduces his sexy hole to Macanao's cock. From under the two men, we get a great look at Khenzo's hard fat uncut cock while Macanao plows. The action gets harder and faster as Macanao gets close to cumming. He pulls out and the two men face each other stroking their cocks. Khenzo is first to blow all over his leg and the floor with Macanao right behind him adding to the mix.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Oral sex
April 11, 2016|My Muscular Mate|||These 2 hot studs are already at it as the scene opens. Pedro Palizza is feeding his thick uncut cock to Georges Ballantinos on the sofa. A quick change up and it's Pedro sitting on the arm of the sofa with Georges working that fat cock up to full measure. Then Pedro takes his turn sucking Georges. The two men go back and forth taking turns sucking each other before Pedro is ready to fuck some ass. Georges lays back on the sofa, legs in the air and Pedro drives his cock deep. They switch positions and go doggy style. We might need to buy a new sofa when these guys are done. The two men kick back on the sofa and finishing tugging out their loads. Pedro blows all over his stomach leaving Georges to finish up.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Kissing, Oral sex, Sucking
April 07, 2016|First Fist|||Sathia lives in the north of France for 2 years and he gets bored a lot. Sathia loves sex and finds that people in his area are much too wise. Sathia has offered to make a scene with us on condition to find him a true ruler. He wants a master who takes him severely in hand. He wants to be dominate and fisted for the first time. Sathia wants to swallow big cock. His wish was granted and you'll love this scene.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Interracial, Oral sex, Sucking
April 04, 2016|A Sexy Tight Hole|||Jess Royan (on left with cap) and Sam Minotaure are sitting on the sofa getting to know one another better. Sam wants to get his mouth on Jess fat cock and waste no time undoing his pants. Now Jess wants to get to know Sam's ass better. After getting naked and turning around, I'd love to get to know Sam's ass myself! (lol) It takes a little time for Jess to get is fat cock in Sam's tight little asshole, but I'm sure you will enjoy the view. Once Jess has that tight hole gauged, they fuck in various positions on the couch. With some good camera work, we get right in the middle of the action and we can see this definitely a challenge for Sam as he grips the edge of the couch and whimpers. Once satisfied working Sam's hole, Jess kicks back on the sofa with Sam in his arms and tugs out a nice load of jizz on his stomach and groin.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex
March 31, 2016|Room Service Part 2|||Picking back up with Maxxence Angel and Tiago Gonzales, Maxxence has entered the zone and pumping Tiago's ass from behind. Bent over the bed, Tiago the camera zooms in from behind. I just love watching a nice pair of balls and a cock rocking back and forth. changing up positions, Maxxence lays down on the bed and Tiago mounts up for a good ride. From this angle, we get a really good idea how thick Maxxence cock really is; but that's okay, Tiago rides like a pro. Switching to missionary Maxxence continues to fuck that sweet little ass. Then the two get out of bed and move over to the window. Fucking standing up, the camera works stays with them and gives us a great view; not talking about the view out the window either. The two change up positions a couple times at the window and then back to the bed for the finale. It's Tiago blowing his load first while Maxxence continues to pound his hole. Maxxence pulls out and moves up towards Tiago'e face and unloads, shooting a stream of jizz all over Tiago's face and pillow not to mention a "shot to the eye" for Tiago.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex, Rimming, Riding
March 28, 2016|Room Service|||Maxxence Angel wakes in the hotel and calls room service for a coffee. Did I fail to mention that he was pitching a rather large tent? Anyway, a knock at the door and enters Tiago Gonzales with his coffee and a pair of hungry lips. Talk about 5 Star room service! Tiago starts pulling off his clothes with the help of Maxxence and joins him in the bed. Sucking on Maxxence size-able cock, Tiago parks his ass on Maxxence face; my personal favorite 69 activity. Maxxence then stands and fucks Tiago mouth while he sits against the headboard. Changing up the action, Maxxence puts Tiago on his knee's and dives back into his sweet ass, tongue first, getting him ready for that huge cock. You won't want to miss part two of this hot duo. | Deep throat, Fingering, Kissing, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking
March 24, 2016|A Club Bonus|||Morgan Daix heads down to the club to see his friend Theo Sartera with one thing on his mind; getting fucked. Morgan joins Theo in the reception booth and drops to his knee's. Then Theo takes his turn sucking Morgan. Slowly, both men start dropping their pants. As the two get heated up, so does the action as Morgan braces against the wall and Theo slides his cock in. "Thump, thump, thump...whack!" as Theo slaps Morgan's ass. The other patrons certainly don't mind the additional entertainment. The finale is certainly worth the wait. Morgan is first to blow standing up and shoots a stream of jizz coating the floor with Theo right behind.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Kissing, Oral sex, Sucking
March 21, 2016|College Orgy Part Two|||Picking back up with the guys, the action is still heating "up" with cocks going up hungry holes begging to be fucked. Some missionary, others doggy style. The cameraman stays close to the action and at times the screen is filled with a smooth tight ass or a hard cock stuffing a mouth. The boys switch up between them getting a taste of each other and tops checking out every hole. One by one, each of our horny young studs start to unload.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Group Sex, Huge load, Missionary, Oral sex, Sucking
March 17, 2016|College Orgy Part One|||Get comfy, grab a cold beer, glass of your favorite wine or have scotch on the rocks. This is going to get interesting fast. First, we introduce all of the guys sitting on the daybed. With the introduction out of the way, good luck keeping up with them as these guys don't waste anytime getting going. Clothes come off, cocks already hard and hungry mouths getting filled. If it's young and horny college studs that get you pumped "up," you won't want to miss this 2 part video. Just in case you missed the names as they flew by the screen, starting from right to left, we have Rod Malek, Nathan Lemal, Ludovic, Max Lacoste, Fred Sneaker and Alex Dolce. I don't know if it will happen as I wasn't involved in this shoot (dammit), but I'm curious to see if they do a "circle suck." But, with all these hard cocks, sexy asses and hungry mouths, there's plenty to see with the boys changing positions and the camera trying to zoom in and keep up. I personally like Watching Max sit on Fred's face getting rimmed while Alex sucks his cock... that's hot! Then Max wants Freds' big cock up his ass and grabs a condom for Fred. Down goes Max and up goes Fred. That gets the rest of the guys slipping on condoms and lining up. It's one cute ass in our face after another. I started to say earlier on that they needed a bigger bed for this shoot, but I'm really liking the "tight" action.| Anal sex, Deep throat, Doggy style, Group Sex, Oral sex
March 14, 2016|Boxing Day, French Style|||One of our favorite studs, Kameron Frost is back with us in a scene with Picwick. Let's see how good Picwick is at servicing Kam's fat uncut cock. Kameron is the one with the boxing gloves, so I'm sure Picwick gets the silent message as to what will happen if Kam feels any teeth. Picwick even takes a little time out to worship Kam's sneakers for good measure. Bumping "up" the action, Kam starts bumping Picwicks' ass from behind. In true "Kam fuck" style, he plows deep inside Picwick's ass. With the two men ready to blow, Picwick sits on the boxes and takes the lead leaning over to shoot his load as not to get his shirt messed up. Kameron has other ideas. Black shirt? Hmm... how about I put a designer's touch on that for you Picwick and Kameron shoots a stream of jizz all over.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Huge load, Kissing
March 10, 2016|Cream This Scene|||Emilio Segura and Valentin Solis are cuddled up on the sofa enjoying some "up" time as Emilio goes "down" on Valentin. Personally, I'm glad to see Emilio back on FrenchDudes. This is one hot young stud I could spend hours just worshiping his body. Okay, his sexy little ass too! After giving Emilio a good throat fucking, Valentin is ready to give his ass the same. Bent over and braced against the armoire, Emilio is ready for Valentin. With our camera under them, we get a nice clear shot of the action as Valentin does some slow deep thrusts into Emilio's hole. Valentin grabs onto Emilio's shoulder for better leverage and drives his cock fast and hard, then slow deep thrusts and grinds his hips. Ready to "cream this scene" Emilio lays back on the sofa jerking his cock while Valentin straddles over him tugging his own. Emilio shoots a stream of hot jizz all over with a slow motion replay just before Valentin gives Emilio a full facial.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Huge load
March 07, 2016|Newcummer Pti Louis Fucks Greg Cana|||We have another hot new young stud for you on; Pti Louis in the black cap. Greg Cana went out to the old cruising grounds at the abandoned house and hooked up with Pti. If you like the young guys, this is one scene you'll enjoy. Pti Louis is quick to whip out his cock and Greg is even faster to wrap his lips around it. But enough of cock sucking, Pti wants a piece of that ass and stands Greg up in the corner and gives his hole a taste. Turn about is fair play and Pti returns the favor and sucks Greg. Back to what Pti really wants, Greg braces himself against the wall and Pti "drives" his cock up Greg's ass. Some good camera work and we get up close and in the middle of the action. Pti even does a "reach around" stroking Greg's cock while bangs away. With the two ready to blow, they lean up against the wall side by side and stroke it out. Pti blows first and shoots a stream of jizz onto the ground followed by Greg adding the mix with a splatter job.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Jerking Off, Kissing, Masturbation, Oral sex, Rimming
March 03, 2016|Bobby Takes On Steph|||Steph Killeur heads over to meet up with Bobby, our newcummer to FrechDudes. Bobby answers the door and drops to his knees. I think he's anxious to show us his stuff, no? :) Steph whips out his cock and Bobby needs no instructions. Bobby is quick to get Steph up to full measure before they even make it into the apartment. Steph manages to get Bobby out of his clothes and get a feel for his ass. Bobby is a slim young man, not really a twink and more the college type guy. slightly hairy chest, just the right amount of pubes and loves to get fucked. Getting Bobby down on his knee's, Steph gloves up, lubes up Bobby's pink hole and gives the boy what he wants; a nice big cock up his ass. From the sound of it, maybe a little bigger than Bobby is used to. That's okay, once Bobby is gauged, he takes it like a pro. Steph fucks him doggy style, then lies flat down on top of him, then standing. Bobby might like to get fucked, but I don't think he is used to having the "big boys" fuck his tight little ass. After Steph giving Bobby a good workout, he stands and jerks over Bobby's face while he jerks his own cock. Bobby beats Steph to it and blows his load all over the floor and seconds after, Steph gives Bobby a nice creamy white facial.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Huge load, Oral sex
February 29, 2016|Going With the Flow|||For our members that like young French twinks you may remember Sultan Fox. A sexy young 20 year old twink with a big uncut cock that admits he is a bit of an exhibitionist. His first video on FrenchDudes was a solo. This was actually his second video where he let Jimy Fix jerk him off and suck his cock a little. His first and only experience with another guy. Our apologies as we posted his third video where he actually fucked Jimy Fix skipping this video and documenting his introduction to doing "gay for pay" films. In this scene, Sultan agreed to come back and try doing something with another guy. Jimy Fix was happy to be that guy. There were no expectations and we were just "going with the flow." Whatever happened. Sultan starts out playing with himself before Jimy enters the room. He allows Jimy to start rubbing his cock inside his underwear. Jimy took his time being careful not to spook the young man. Keeping his eyes closed, Sultan's cock was obviously enjoying the "helping hand." You can tell we were coaxing Jimy in the background to take things a bit further. Jimy eventually started giving Sultan a blowjob alternating back and forth between jerking and sucking. Sultan stayed hard; a good sign. We tried to get Jimy to take it a little further, but Jimy didn't think it was a good time, so we backed off. We introduced Sultan to "Dolly," a blow up doll. Jimy took his exit and we let Sultan have some fun with Dolly. Then we brought out the fleshjack, another sex toy Sultan has never tried. In the end, Sultan creamed Dolly's backside and filled her hole. While Sultan wipes the sweat and cleans up, he looks on as Jimy takes his turn with Dolly. Jimy unloads his big cock all over Dolly as well as Sultan looks on.| Cumshots, Deep throat, Huge load, Jerking Off, Masturbation, Sex Toys
February 24, 2016|Sun and Fun|||SmokeBoy (with the tattoos) and Kevin Ass are at the pool taking in some sun. Well, not exactly sun as we see Kevin taking in SmokeBoy's cock. Watching Kevin take off his swim trunks and bare that sexy ass got my attention. Nice uncut cock on Kevin too. Kevin decides enough cock sucking for one day and wants to get fucked. He drops down doggy style on the sun chair and SmokeBoy gauges his hole. Mounting "up," the action is "steady as it goes." The camera zooms in from behind giving us a close up of the action SmokeBoy's balls and plenty of ass. The more SmokeBoy pounds, the more Kevin's cock grows. With the two ready to unload, Kevin lays down beside the pool as SmokeBoy jerks off in his face. They cum at the same time and Kevin is ready for a dip.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Kissing
February 22, 2016|Shower Time|||We're down at the baths with Jace Tyler as he walks by Anthony Cruz in the spa headed to the shower. Jace is one hot stud and Anthony follows him into the shower. The two men toy with one another and their cocks grow with anticipation. The two take turns face fucking each other. Talk about smooth tight asses. that's some tender rump roast I'd like to sink my teeth and tongue into. Anthony checks out Jace' smooth ass and pink hole. This is a high energy, heart pumping scene between these two hotties. After ravaging each others cock, Anthony is ready to ravage that sweet ass on Jace. From behind the action we get a great view of Anthony's cock pounding Jace' hole not to mention see those big low hangers Anthony rocks between his legs. As he continues pounding, Jace's cock helicopters and rocks back and forth. This is what I call "walkin' the doggy." When Anthony pulls that monster cock of his out of Jace' ass, we can see how its stretched open his hole. Ready to unload those big balls, Anthony pulls out and Jace sits back against the wall as Anthony coats his muscular chest and 6 pack. Jace follows jerking his cock and cums so hard he splatters the wall behind him twice, his neck and chest leaving only a couple droplets on his pubes.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load, Kissing, Rimming
February 18, 2016|Aymet's New Boyfriend|||Checking out the local cruising grounds at the abandoned building, we came across Aymet (wearing the silver necklace) and SmokeBoy playing suck face. Before long, SmokeBoy drops his pants to his ankles and exposes a hard cock for Aymet to wrap his lips around. SmokeBoy takes advantage to get "in" a little "finger" time playing with Aymet's sweet hole. Aymet comes back up for air and lip locks before going back down on SmokeBoy. Seeing how SmokeBoy can't keep his fingers out of Aymet's ass while he's sucking, I can't help but feel there's more than a couple fingers going in that sweet hole soon. Yup! There goes the raincoat and there goes SmokeBoy's cock playing "hide and seek" in Aymet's ass. Braced up against the wall, Aymet takes it all in before dropping down on the ground as they fuck doggy style. Great job by our cameraman filming from every angle on this scene. From the left, the right, in front, behind, up top looking down, looking up from underneath. I'm getting dizzy from all the blood rushing to my head; or is that because I'm ready to blow my load? *lol* Speaking of blowing a load, the boys are ready to blow theirs and Aymet takes the lead blowing his load all over the ground while getting fucked. Then it's SmokeBoy blowing his load all over Aymet's little ass. I think Aymet found himself a new boyfriend.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Kissing, Oral sex
February 15, 2016|Sneaker Addicts Part 2|||Picking back up with Franky Malory and Tiago Gonzales, Tiago is on the couch, legs up and getting reemed and "thumb fucked" while sniffing a sneaker and tugging at his dick. Franky slips on a condom and has Tiago "spread eagle." The cameraman is quick to get right into the action up close for us. Nice ass Franky! They fuck missionary then do a complete switch out. Now it's Franky doggy style on the sofa with Tiago pounding his ass. The action breaks with Tiago on his knees jerking off iwth the condom still on while Franky kicks back on the sofa with Tiago worshiping his socked feet. After more foot worship and "toe jerking" it's back to pounding Franky's sweet hole. The action switches back and forth between Tiago fucking Franky's ass and his feet until they're ready to put the "finishing touches" on this scene. They both lay back on the sofa worshiping each others socked feet and sneakers while they jerk. Franky is first to put a new shine on the sneaker followed by Tiago rubbing a creamy cleaning solution into his sneaker.| Anal sex, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Licking, Missionary, Rimming
February 11, 2016|Sneaker Addicts|||Tiago Gonzales is hanging out in the building entrance when Franky Malory enters smoking a cigarette and asks to bum one. Tiago comments on Frank's AirMax and then invites Frank up to his apartment. These two didn't wait to get to the apartment and start kissing in the elevator on the way up. Once inside, they waste no time indulging in their sneaker fetish and cocks start getting hard. Tiago is first to bare his hard cock. Between Frank sucking and Tiago fucking the sneaker and sniffing socks, this "chance meating" is off to a great start. They trade off sucking each other, the sneakers and even go 69. You won't want to miss part two with these guys.| 69, Deep throat, Fingering, Jerking Off, Kissing, Licking, Masturbation, Oral sex
February 08, 2016|Sex and Sun|||I invited Greg and Xavio for the weekend. I suspected that these two actors found themselves sexy and I pretext that I had to go shopping in order to film them quietly behind my windows. Yes finally they soon saw myself course :)| Anal sex, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Jerking Off, Kissing, Oral sex
February 04, 2016|Fuck Me|||Picwic has a sex session with john Despe today and he waits in jockstrap on his bed. John found him in his room the ass open and ready to serve. John tail swells rapidly Picwik turns to further harden the nice tool.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex
February 01, 2016|Meeting With A Fan|||Tudor is a fan of Kameron Frost and Greg Centuri. To please him we invited to a shoot with his two favorite actors. But Tudor also wants to participate in this scene.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Facials, Threesome
January 28, 2016|Abdel & Rims|||We found our little twink Abdel down in the cellar with Rims Lolito; Rims found Abdel's cock. Always sexy to see a guy with his clothes still on and cock exposed. But that didn't last long. Off comes the shirt, down go the pants and Rims go down on his knees. "In" goes Abdel, well, rather his cock. Not sure if Rims is new to the "bottom" experience, but I sure like the verbal effects. Rims stands up and leans against the wall as Abdel mounts from behind. The cameraman zooms in on the action giving us different angles as the two keep it "up." Slow and deep thrusts from Abdel bring out more verbal sound effects from Rims. Ready to blow, Abdel pulls out as Rims spins around and drops to his knees for a moisturizing facial. I don't know what Abdel's diet is like, but that is some thick cum and sticking like glue.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Oral sex
January 25, 2016|Face Cream|||We're taking Romain Alabien and Steph Killeur over to meet Hakim Panam. We pump up the boys telling them he's a little slut and anxious to fuck both of them. Opening the door to the apartment, we can all see Hakim posed on the sofa in his jockstrap and ass exposed. Romain and Steph approach and Hakim begins servicing both of their cocks. While Romain tends to stuffing Hakim's mouth, Steph inspects things in the rear. Hakim goes back and forth getting both men "up" to full measure. Romain is first to "plug in" around back while Hakim continues to suck Steph. The action is fast and hard from Romain and our cameraman is doing double duty to get us good shots of the action; front and back. Romain and Steph play tag team and it's Steph's turn plugging the rear with Romain taking a seat on the back of the sofa getting lip serviced. Steph breaks the condom and pauses the action to glove up again before "tappin' it again." The "tag team" switch out again before both stand over Hakim and blow their loads. Romain is first and coats Hakim's mustache, nose and cheek with a thick creamy load that sticks like glue. Steph adds more to the cheek and we get a big smile from Hakim.| Anal sex, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fucking, Threesome
January 21, 2016|Hot Spot|||New comer Jace Tyler heads out to a popular cruising grounds at the abandoned buildings and waits for his "afternoon delight." Smokeboy walks up and the two make a quick inspection of each other. Jace drops down to suck some cock while Smokeboy continues checking out Jace. WOW... check out that body on Jace! Abs, check. Pecs, check. Great ass, check. Muscular arms, check. Both of these young studs got it going on and going "in." Jace props a foot up on an old ladder as Smokeboy slides his cock in. Zooming in from underneath, the camera gets us "up close" to the action, then from above perched on the wall. With two hot guys and action like this, you're sure to enjoy all the action from any angle. With the two ready to unload, they stand together against the wall. Holy shit! Jace is first to blow and he would of blown a hole through the roof (if there was one) with that shot. Seeing that cumshot was all it took and Smokeboy oozes out a thick creamy load of his own.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load, Kissing
January 18, 2016|Not In My Garden|||We found Jordan Fox out in the garden with newbie Mickey Taylor. Mickey is young, skinny, loves his tattoos and loves cock. Especially big fat cocks like Jordan's and Jordan loves shoving that big fat cock into open holes. Mickey takes off his pants and now we get a good look at this boy in his birthday suit... nice! Jordan sits back in the lawn chair and Mickey mounts his cock. I'm not sure that chair is going to survive this dynamic duo's punishment. Jordan hops up and Mickey hops in the chair on his knees as Jordan fucks from behind. This is "fucking hot!" When ready to blow, Jordan stands over Mickey and unloads all over his face, then licks the excess cum off of his hand. Mickey then jerks while cupping his balls and blows a nice load up onto his stomach. I think we got a winner!| Anal sex, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Hard Fuck, Kissing, Oral sex, Riding
January 14, 2016|Tony Rekins Tough Love|||Kelian is with us today and being put to the test by Tony Rekins. "How much can you take little one?" Kelian lays down on the floor with his head back on the sofa while Tony pile drives the boys mouth and throat. Up close, we see the reddening on Kelians' face and neck from Tony's "tough love." Bending Kelian over the back of the couch, Tony now pounds the boys hole from behind. Is it just me, or does it look like Kelian can handle pretty much everything Tony is handing out? Even when Tony wraps his belt around his chin to get more leverage to drive his long cock deep inside the boy. Ready to blow, Tony pulls out and has Kelian sit on the floor while Tony stands over him and blows in his face.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials
January 11, 2016|Next!|||Downstairs in one of the playrooms, we find Max Lacoste and Luccio Rital sizing one another up and their cocks. They exchange kisses between fondling and sucking each others cock. Luccio slips on a condom and bends Max over the tub. Dropping to the floor, our cameraman shoots from below giving us a nice view of "cock & hole." When Max blows his load unexpectedly before he could fuck Luccio, he offers to call a friend to come down. Luccio is "hot to trot" and needs a dick up his ass and agrees. In walks Jess Royan and the "heat is on." Bracing himself against the wall, Luccio gets pounded by Jess. Even when Luccio blows his load on while Jess fucks his ass, he's still left wanting more.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Kissing, Threesome
January 07, 2016|Niko Wants It Now|||Niko Corsica knows what he wants and he wants it NOW! He's been chatting with Leo Helios online and now he's done with the small talk. Niko and Leo agree to hook up and Leo is on his way. Niko preps himself and heads to the bedroom and presents his ass. In walks Leo and starts stripping on his way to the bedroom. Leo walks in sliding on a condom and zero's in on Niko's hole. Leo fucks Niko doggy style, then laying down flat on the bed pounding his hole. Not wanting to cum just yet, Leo pulls out and works Nikos' hole with his fingers before fucking him again. Now it's time to let Niko do some cock worship before the two lay back on the bed and stroke one out. First to blow is Niko and then Leo stands over Niko on the bed and blows a nice big load all over Niko.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Oral sex
January 04, 2016|Two Big Cocks for Lexi Toyz|||We find Lexi Toys blindfolded sucking Kameron Frost in the basement with Justin XXL looking on. The hotter the action gets, the more Justin can't resist and moves in closer to offer up his cock to Lexi. The Kameron is treated to two mouths. This hot threesome gets even hotter when Lexi gets on all fours. Justin slips on a condom while Lexi continues to suck Kameron. Not liking the condom, Justin and Kameron switch out and Kam has no problem pounding Lexi's tight little hole doggy style. Ready to try again after being shown how it's done, Justin mounts Lexi. I do think he's got the hang of it. The condom barely covers Justins' big cock and breaks in the heat of the action. No problem, we have more. Now ready to unload his balls, Justin pulls out and we watch him coat Lexi's ass and hole in thick globs of cum. The Kameron coats Lexi's shoulders and back with a big load of moisturising protein. That's two gorgeous uncock cocks and one sexy young man covered in cum.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load, Threesome
December 31, 2015|Discreet Rendezvous|||Kyle Lena got a call from a straight guy that wants to remain anonymous. These straight boys know where the sex is good, it's just their public image that they're worried about. But nice to take a stroll on the wild side from time to time. Kyle is up to the challenge and welcums the opportunity. Kyle sucks on the dark haired guys cock and no problem getting him rock hard. No problem getting me hard either just looking at this masculine hairy guy as he bends Kyle over and buries his cock in Kyle's ass. From standing up and fucking Kyle from behind to doggy style on the ground, this is one helluva ride. As our straight boy gets ready to blow, you're not sure if he's cumming inside Kyle's ass or what. He then pulls out, tears off the condom and blows a huge load all over Kyle's back. Our straight boy sticks around and feeds Kyle his cock while he jerks off and unloads all over the floor.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Hard Fuck, Huge load, Jerking Off, Kissing, Oral sex
December 28, 2015|Two Shots|||Several of our members have wished to see more scenes with the beautiful Sultan Fox. So we looked in our archives and found this solo that we filmed during our first meeting with the young Sultan. No doubt this video will delight you, Sultan is very playful and loves to show, he also loves his big cock and more, he likes to play with it! Sultan is the only actor I know who can cum twice in a few minutes, he will show us his skill in this very juicy scene!| Cumshots, Jerking Off, Masturbation, Solo
December 24, 2015|Kevin Archer Casts Newcomer Karim |||FrenchDudes has a new hot young stud on the set today or rather the couch; meet Karim Paname. We paired him up with Kevin Archer for his first video and Kevin was "excited" to do the casting. I can say that only because Kevin was already hard 2 minutes after Karim walked in the room and sat down. After we talk a little, Kevin just lays back into the couch and Karim goes down to his knee's on the floor and starts sucking Kevin's fat cock and licking his balls; incidentally, that drives Kevin wild. With Karim's oral skills fully tested, time to move on. With Karim bent over the back of the couch, Kevin slides into this sexy young studs tight hole. Moving back from the action, we get to see not one, but two sexy ass. Zooming back in, we see Kevin's thick cock going in and out. It doesn't take much before both boys are ready to unload their sacks. Kicked back on the sofa, Kevin is first to blow all over his stomach and groin followed by Karim and his fat little uncut cock. Would you like some "sweet cream" for your coffee?| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style
December 21, 2015|Sunny Blue and Diabolik Boy Flip Fuck Part Two|||Getting back "up" to speed with this hot duo, we see Diabolik Boy fucking Sunny Blue doggy style on the mat and the view is GREAT! My love goes out to the cameraman getting up in the action from under the two of them. Sexy asses, Diabolik's cock playing "hide and seek" in Sunny's ass. Not wanting to blow his load just yet, Diabolik pulls out and gets down on the mat doggy style and an "open" invitation for Sunny's cock to play "hide and seek" in his ass. Can you say "versatile?" Having the bigger cock of the two, I'd say Diabolik is in for a good fuck. On goes the condom and Sunny enters slowly before cranking up the speed on that jackhammer. Sunny rolls Diabolik onto his side as we watch Diabolik's cock swing in the breeze while getting pounded. Now the boys play "tag, your it" again and switch out. Diabolik takes over again and fucks Sunny missionary. Sunny jerks faster, his balls tighten and you can tell he's ready to blow. WAIT... not yet! They switch up again and Sunny pounds Diabolik's hole while Diabolik jerks himself off. Diabolik cheats and blows his load all over his stomach while Sunny fucks him. Sunny pulls out and lays back to tug one out and blows all over himself and the two head to the showers.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Flip Fuck, Huge load, Kissing, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking
December 17, 2015|Sunny Blue and Diabolik Boy Flip Fuck Part One|||Back in the locker room, we find Diabolik Boy and Sunny Blue exchanging glances at each other; who wouldn't want to take in this eye candy? It quickly turns into a suck fest with Sunny dropping to his knees' first followed by Diabolik. Do a little cock docking and then head to an empty room and bed where they devour each others cock some more. This goes back and forth from tea bagging to 69, face fucking to hole fingering. DAYUM my jaws hurt! Ready to take in more than just Sunny's cock, Diabolik bends him over doggy style on the bed for a good "tongue lashing" before slipping on a condom. We'll pick back up with that action in part two.| Deep throat, Kissing, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking
December 14, 2015|John Scott Dominates Niko Corsica|||John Scott, one of your favorite actors, has found a sneaker addict to dominate. Niko Corsica, bottom and submitted will obey his boss. Deep throats, sneakers cleaning with tongue and socks sniffing. Intense submission for your enjoyment.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Hard Fuck, Huge load, Licking, Oral sex
December 10, 2015|Jonathan Darko and Pti Pain|||Jonathan Darko enters the apartment and invites us to follow him into PTI Pains' bedroom. PTI gets right to work sucking Darko's rock hard cock. Darko looks at us through the camera to make sure we're paying attention. In Darko's true nature, he starts to dominate PTI. Darko then shoves PTI to the floor to worship his sneakers while her jerks before throat fucking him some more. This goes back and forth until Darko is ready to plow PTI doggy style on the bed. Darko loves to play to the camera and looks right at us while he pounds PTI. When the cameraman moves in from behind the two, we get a good look at both of their sexy asses. Slapping PTI in the face and on the ass just heightens the intensity of this hard fucking action. Rolling PTI over on his side, the slaps and pounding continue. Then back to doggy style before the two are ready to blow. Darko stands over PTI lying on the bed and unloads all over his face and chest and exits. Job well done PTI.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Hard Fuck, Huge load, Licking, Missionary
December 07, 2015|Niko & Ninos Hook Up|||We're back out at the old abandoned house which is a popular cruising spot for the guys when we find Ninos Lhetero in white pants looking for some action. He doesn't have to wait long either. Niko Rekins is looking for a dick to suck and fucked by and approaches Ninos. Niko drops to his knee's and starts sucking that nice sized cock. Ninos slips on a condom and bends Niko over the wall. Zooming in from under the two, we get a good look at the action and Ninos balls slapping against Nikos' ass. Ninos props one foot up on the wall and that's one nice manhole I'd like to bury my tongue in. When Ninos is ready to blow, he pulls out and jerks off unloading his balls all up on Niko's cheek and drips down onto his shirt. Satisfied, Ninos leaves Niko to finish. Niko didn't even bother taking off his tank top and just adds a bit more creamy white jizz.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Huge load, Oral sex
December 03, 2015|Ronan Gets A Stretching|||Okay, now the real me comes out; just my kind of scene! We start with Ronan KS, a sexy young man, whipping out his flaccid cock and taking a leak; meet "kinky me." Off to the side, leaning up against the wall is Jafar having a smoke and taking in the view along with me. Once Ronan shakes off the last few drops, he wraps things up and heads over to meet Jafar. Jafar might not have that "cute" face, but he's got one helluva sexy haircut and not to shabby in the cock department as Ronan is quick to explore. Down on his knee's, Ronan starts working on Jafar's thick cock getting him up to full measure and gagging along the way. After some lip locking, Jafar turns Ronan around so he can take in the full flavor of his young hookup. With his taste-buds full of Ronan's flavorful ass, Jafar slips on a condom and slides in to stir up some flavor. Wait...wait... this isn't one of those cooking shows, but it sure looks like a hot meal is getting served "up" quickly. From the sounds coming from Ronan, there's a lot of "hard work" going into this recipe. When the cameraman moves above the two and looking down on the action, it's easy to see why Ronan is moaning and panting so heavily; look at the size of girth on Jafar's cock! And all of that going inside that tiny little ass on Ronan. Now under the two of them, we see Ronan jerking his hard cock and then the condom comes off. Jafar slips another on while Ronan keeps tugging and almost blows his load. Once Jafar successfully re-enters it isn't long and Ronan blows a hefty stream of jizz on the ground. Now Jafar's turn, he stands over Ronan with the boy licking his balls and jerks off. When Jafar blows, he splatters the wall behind Ronan's head and adds plenty of conditioner to Ronan's hair.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fucking, Rimming
November 30, 2015|Explosive Ending|||We have 2 newbies this week on FrenchDudes, Teddy Works in the black shirt and Greg Cana in the white with the dragon tattoo on his arm. Sitting on the couch relaxing and watching some TV, Teddy decides they need to make their own show. They kiss and fondle each other "briefly" and get right to sucking each other. Teddy, being the "director" of this show wants to make a big production and mounts Greg doggy style on the futon. Flipping Greg over, Teddy continues to fuck Greg missionary. Adding more action to this production, they roll onto their side and Teddy takes in some pointers from the show in progress on the TV. For the "climatic" ending, the two lay back and jerk themselves off. Teddy cums first followed by an explosive cum shot by Greg.| 69, Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex
November 26, 2015|Cock Out Pt 2|||We find our two young dudes and serious things will start! Brice Lugo lick the puck of the young Elroy. He now has well moistened and well ass open. The pink hole is ready to receive Brice's big cock. Brice puts on a condom and takes care to lubricate thoroughly. His hard cock appears before the hole. Carefully, he engages in the ass of the young guys. Brice's cock penetrates very easily! Little Elroy seems not to be at his first attempt and receives the gear greedily.| Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Riding, Rimming
November 23, 2015|Cock Out Pt 1|||Our newcomer, Brice Lugo, makes storage in the attic and as he is always hot, he takes out his huge dick and begins to jerk. Elias seeks for a while and finally found him cock out. The young Elias takes the opportunity and jumped at the huge dick. The young man will have to take this enormous machine in his ass. Ouch!| Deep throat, Fingering, Kissing, Licking, Oral sex, Rimming
November 19, 2015|Damian Get Fucked|||This is the very first video of Damian High as bottom, and he dares to face the 21cm (8 Inches) of the beautiful John Despe. In Sauna THIERS, the two handsome guys are filmed by Kameron Frost in a cabin. John Despe fitter than ever will literally blow up the ass of the young Italian, which normally only top !!!| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Kissing, Missionary, Rimming
November 16, 2015|Kalaas' Casting|||We asked Steph Killeur to do a scene with newcummer to by the name of Kalaas. Sitting back on the couch, we first get to watch Kalaas and his oral skills sucking on Stephs' nice fat cock. Steph guides him up and down while sucking and we find Kalaas gag reflex. Off come the Stephs' pants and Kalaas shirt as the two get ready to heat up the screen. Time to see what Kalaas is packing and check out his ass. Even while Kalaas sits on the couch trying to get his pants off, Steph wants more lip service and face fucks him. Once Kalaas manages to get his pants off, it's down on his knees so Steph can inspect the "rumproast." Plump and tender it would seem and Steph puts his seal of approval. Wanting to see how well Kalaas can put that ass to use, he gloves up and starts working his way in. Tight it seems. At this point, Steph wants to fuck it and continues to work his cock in taking his time to let Kalaas "warm up" to his cock. From doggy style on the couch to missionary and back to doggy style on the floor. From behind, Steph adds his own meat tenderizer after getting Kalaas back up on the couch. With cheeks spread exposing a sexy and slightly hairy pink hole, the camera zooms in to give a close up. Now for the "plat de resistance", Steph takes a knee over Kalaas and blows his thick cream sauce all over Kalaas chest. Wanting to add a bit more richness to the cream sauce, Kalaas adds his own to the recipe.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Hard Fuck, Huge load, Kissing, Oral sex, Rimming
November 12, 2015|Nature Boys Jimy & Luke|||Jimy Fix and Luke London are out taking in some mother nature as well as each others cock. It's a beautiful day and these two your studs are making good use of it. After working each other "up" to full measure it's time to bump it up a notch. Spreading out a shirt on the ground, Jimy mounts Luke on all fours. Nothing like feeling the wind blowing against your naked body and a hard cock up your ass. Jimy continues to pound Luke's ass standing up and braced against a tree. At this point, it doesn't take long for these two before they're ready to blow their warm streams of jizz. While sucking Jimy, Luke blows his load first all of the ground and his leg. Then it's Jimy's turn and he blows in Luke's face and on his chest.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Huge load, Kissing
November 09, 2015|Nike and Glory Holes|||Here we are in a famous Bordeaux darkroom frequented by straight guys and bisexuals in the Gironde region. That day, Niko Rekins found a good pair of sneakers to sniff, and a big cock to suck in the glory holes. Niko will taste good, and his partner goes so excited that he will fucked Niko nose in stinky sneakers.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Glory Hole, Hard Fuck, Licking
November 05, 2015|Morning Wood|||Desire Dange has just what Kamel needs to take care of his morning woody and gets busy working on Kamel's log with his lips. While Desire is busy sucking, Kamel does a little of his own "handy" work; playing with Desire's ass. Time for Kamel to take his "log" "up" river. Kamel mounts Desire doggy style on the bed. Desire hungry for all the cock his ass can take, rides back on Kamel's cock. There's something sexy about a guy getting fucked while still wearing his jock strap. At least from this angle. We can always count on our cameraman to get us some great shots of the action. My favorite here is from behind and under Kamel while he pounds Desire. Love that sexy ass Kamel! Kamel grabs on to Desire's jock strap for leverage as he continues pounding from behind. As the two young studs get close, off comes the jock strap and both lay back on the bed and finish tugging out their loads.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style
November 02, 2015|Tight Action In Tight Spaces|||Pedro Spears and Julien Wellman meet up and head to building basement for some "afternoon delight." As Julien pulls down Pedro's runners, we get to see that sexy cute ass not to mention an already rock hard cock. First up, it's Julien doing the sucking, then Pedro dropping to his knees to lock lips on Juliens' hard cock; then a little cock docking. The two go back and forth when Pedro spins Julien around to take in a bit more of his partner's flavor in the way of some rimming. After more cock sucking going back and forth and docking those nice cocks, Pedro gloves up and slides in from behind. Julien perches one foot up on the wall and braces himself against the other and strokes his hard cock while Pedro puts on the moves. The drop to the floor and fuck doggy style. This scene just goes to show you don't need a lot of space to have great sex; tight places, tight asses, tight action. Speaking of action, Julien is ready to blow while Pedro fucks and unloads on the floor. Up on his knees, Julien then licks Pedro's balls while he jerks and blows on Julien's chest and floor as well.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Kissing, Licking, Rimming
October 29, 2015|My Turn|||Kameron Frost is at the local bar checking out new cummer Mickael Anderson while Dog Ryan is checking out the both of them. Kameron and Mickael start kissing and fondling each other and Dog waste no time getting in the middle of the action. With a couple of hard fat cocks begging for the attention, who could resist? Dog locks his lips on both cocks while Kameron and Mickael lock lips above. Down come Dog's shorts and Mickael is first to take the plunge. This is one bartender that knows how to service his customers. While Mickael is served at the rear, Dog services Kameron's cock up front. Then Kameron and Mickael switch ends. Damn I love the "fwap fwap fwap'ing" sound of Kameron pounding Dog's ass. With Dog out of the picture taking a break from the action, it's time for Mickaels' ass to get serviced by Kameron bent over the stool. Dog stands back and enjoys watching as Kameron unloads a thick creamy stream of jizz all over his stomach followed by Mickael blowing a huge load all over his leg and floor. Then it's Dogs' turn sitting back on a stool and blows a 3rd hefty load. Looks like Dog will be on cleanup duty.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Fucking, Group Sex, Hard Fuck, Huge load, Kissing, Threesome
October 26, 2015|Test Drive|||Matt, in the hood, identifies as a straight guy and loves when his girlfriends use a dildo on his ass. With money tight, an open mind, he decided to take the plunge and experiment with a guy; John Despe gladly volunteered to take on this straight boys ass. They start out with Matt on the floor and John just playing with Matt's ass. Then has Matt try something new; sucking a hard cock. Afterwards, John grabs the dildo and starts working Matt's ass with it before letting Matt experience the real thing. We think you'll enjoy watching Matt get fucked by a guy for the first time; I know I did.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Sex Toys
October 22, 2015|A 'Tug & Puff'|||John Scott has the 'hots' sitting out on the patio and Jimy Fix knows how to add a little more heat with his hot lips. Don't mind me in the background reflection on the glass sliding door, I kept my clothes on for this scene (regrettably). Watching these two hot young studs in action is enough to get all of us heated 'up.' Bent over the wood patio table, Jimy better be careful or he'll get splinters in his woody. Recognizing the potential and problematic position for Jimy, John moves the action to the ground and fucks Jimy doggy style. Although enjoying the afternoon fuck, these two hotties kick back for a 'tug & puff' together side by side. Both tug one out and Jimy ends up being coated in a protein rich sun screen.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Kissing
October 19, 2015|Fuck Me In the Sling|||We find Morgan Daix sucking Steph Killeur in the back of the club. Morgan is the guy with dark hair and beard. These two hot studs both have beautiful bodies and gorgeous cocks. Steph however, has his eye on Morgan's hairy hole between his legs, not just his lips. Steph even goes down on his knees to take in the full flavor of Morgan and his hairy hole before sliding his cock in. Making use of the sling, Morgan hops in and spreads wide to accommodate Steph's cock. The camera moves in for a "tight" shot from underneath. The screen is nothing but cock, balls and hairy holes. Steph pounds Morgan in the sling and even breaks the condom. No problem, we brought plenty. New condom, new position. Morgan bends over and braces himself against wall and Steph continues to drive his cock in that sexy ass. When it comes time to blow, Morgan takes a knee while Steph jerks off in his face. Adding a little tongue action, Morgan licks Steph' balls as he jerks until he blows his load splattering everything around them. Morgan blew his load at the same time and ends up covered in cum.| Anal sex, Doggy style, Fingering, Missionary, Rimming
October 15, 2015|Double Cumshots for Juan|||Here's a good looking hunk we haven't seen in a while, Juan Perez. He's paired up with Aymet today and I have a feeling Aymet won't forget this scene for quite some time. When it comes to knowing how to fuck a guy and making "memorable moments," Juan's your guy. Still in his blue runners and jockstrap, Aymet starts out sucking Juan and working his magic getting Juan "up" to full measure. Ready to take in the full flavor Aymet has to offer, Aymet leans over the back of the couch so Juan can get a taste. After sampling Aymet's hole with his tongue Juan sits back on the couch and Aymet takes a seat; atop of Juan's cock. Although I like to watch a guys cock helicopter when getting fucked, I have to say that I do like that blue jockstrap Aymet is wearing; nice form! Juan pounds Aymet's hole fast and furious on the couch before moving him to the bed and continues pounding doggy style. The cameraman does a good job getting us all the action; from up top, behind and below. When time to blow, they both settle back on the couch and stroke. Juan is the first to blow a nice creamy stream of jizz for the "lapping" as Aymet strokes beside him. Surprise! Juan blows a second load.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Huge load, Kissing, Riding, Rimming
October 12, 2015|Awaiting Your Cock|||Celtic Boy waits for Tim Cosla on the bed in nothing but his jockstrap with his ass in the air. Tim walks in, inspects the "goods" and it's "2 cocks up." CB starts working his magic on Tims' cock. Tim then takes up position at the "rear" and works his own magic with his tongue. After a little more "lip & tongue" action from both, it's time for Tim to slip on a glove. CB takes in a little extra aroma of his own before the initial pounding doggy style. Back to some more lip action before switching positions and going missionary. Before long, Tim finishes up unloading his creamy hot load all over CB's chest.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Kissing, Missionary, Rimming
October 08, 2015|Poolside Service|||John Adams is relaxing out on the patio in the lounge chair when Tim Croc, our newcummer brings him his drink. Who wouldn't want to serve John? Off comes a sneaker and Tim does double duty worshiping both sneaker and feet. John plays with his cock in his sweats while enjoying the attention. Judging by the bulge in their pants, both are enjoying. John pulls out his cock for Tim to suck while John exposes and plays with Tims' cock and balls out the leg of his shorts; sexy! Then it's Johns' turn as he drops to his knees and sucks Tim. The two men go for a dip in the pool and John soon dips his cock into Tims' hole. They start out fucking doggy style on the edge of the pool before moving to one of the landscape rocks when John bends Tim over. Back to the pool they go where John fucks Tim missionary on the edge of the pool. Hope the neighbors aren't home as Tim gets more vocal. Ready to blow, John pulls out and unloads all over Tim from the chin down to his groin and shakes off the extra. John goes over and grabs the pair of sneakers and tosses them back to Tim for him to enjoy the added aroma while her jerks himself off and blows onto his stomach. Service completed.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Kissing, Missionary, Rimming
October 05, 2015|Matt Houston Casting|||Today is Matt Houston first gay porn video and admits that he's a bit nervous. We paired him up with Kamel and to be honest, we're a bit nervous too LOL. If you're already familiar with Kamel and how he can tend to be aggressive at times, you know why. You can tell a guy to take it easy with a newbie, but when in the heat of things, not always the case. Matt is the older of the two and not a newbie to gay sex, so we're confident once things get going that he'll be just fine. Matt does have a nicely toned swimmer's build with a sexy smooth ass that Kamel is quick to check out and so am I as do the editing. A personal fetish of mine is looking at a man on his knees from behind with a nice set of balls hanging down; always a turn on for me and Matt certainly has my attention. Kamel takes his time with Matt and gives him a good face fucking while playing with his hole before lubing up and sliding on the glove. The action starts out doggy style with Matt on his hands and knees and ends up with the two of them standing on the bed with Matt bracing against the wall. In the end, Kamel brings the scene to a close spewing his load all over himself.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Kissing, Rimming
October 01, 2015|Sauna Meating|||Tony Axel is enjoying some "alone time" at the club when John Despe joins him on the bench. Seems that Tony has had enough time alone and wel'cums the company. John has his cock up in no time and Tony wants a taste. The two men share servicing each others cock and good old fashioned face fucking and rimming taking in the full flavor of each other. Tony's hot ass is ready to take on Johns' cock and the fucking begins. From doggy style to missionary, John fucks Tony hard and fast. On his back, Tony jerks while John continues to pound his hole. With John on his knee's between Tony's legs, he shoots a stream of jizz that flies over Johns' head and nearly hits the camera lens. Wow! what a cum shot. John the lends a few fingers probing Tonys' hole while he jerks and unloads all over his chest and stomach.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Kissing, Missionary
September 28, 2015|Anthony and Alexis Sextape|||Here is a hot video. Excuse me as I get off too! A true amateur sextape filmed by the two handsome guys themselves. Alexis Tivoli and Anthony Cruz. Both guys are going to shoot while they suck and fuck in the pool, and damn it is amazing and exciting. There is something to be said for this kind of video.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Kissing, Missionary, Riding
September 24, 2015|Double Loaded|||Our newcummer Sultan Fox heads over to the old abandoned building, a popular cruising spot among the guys. He finds his spot, kicks back against the wall and starts playing with his cock. He's a nice looking young guy on the twinkish side with one very long cock. Jimy Fix comes along and quickly drops to his knee's to check this boy out and starts sucking; curious to see this cock at full measure. At this point, our cameraman takes a voyeuristic approach filming as he shoots from the other room peeking through a hole in the wall. Jimy continues to suck while he strokes his own cock. Leaning against the wall, Jimy drops his pants and exposes his sexy ass and hungry hole along with an open invitation. Sultan gloves up and slides in. When Sultan drops his pants to his knee's, my jaw hit the ground. That is one gorgeous little ass on this boy. Watch his moves as fucks Jimy. This is one sexy little fucker and there's nothing stiff about his hips. Sultan grinds away at Jimy's ass until he's ready to blow. Holy shit!... Sultan is a double cummer. He blows all over Jimy's ass and lower back and looks like that's the end of it. He backs off, continues stroking and blows again. All done, Sultan takes off leaving Jimy to finish for himself. Jimy stands up, leans against the wall and shoots a yummy stream of creamy jizz all over.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style
September 21, 2015|Dange You Desire|||John Scott is checking out the action at a local club when he "cums" across Desire Dange in his jock strap poised on all 4's. With an irresistible pink ass "hole" like that beckoning your investigation, who could resist. Desire first starts with sucking John's cock... Oh wait! Turn back around John, love that smooth little ass of yours too. While Desire sucks John, John fondles and plays with Desire's ass. Now "up" to full measure, John mounts Desire doggy style and the sweet sound of "fwap fwap fwap" fills the air as flesh meets flesh. Harder and faster, slower and deeper until both are ready to blow. They both lean back against the wall side by side and jerk. John is the first to blow a nice thick stream of jizz up onto his chest and covering his stomach. Then Desire let's loose and the small room is filled with the scent of fresh sweet cum and musk.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style
September 17, 2015|10 inches in glory hole|||The scene starts with a heavy and gloomy atmosphere in the Next cruising bar in Paris. Juan Perez has appointments at the sex club glory Hole. Here is a half hard dick that comes out of the hole. Juan Perez quickly takes the cock in the mouth and it grows dramatically unfold up to 10 inches! And believe me, this enormous machine will fill all the holes of Juan Perez.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Glory Hole, Huge load
September 14, 2015|A Tight Workout|||Delta Kobra in his cammo's oversee's Mike Tiger's workout and counts it out with his push-up's. I like this next workout; teaches you how to breathe for extended periods through your nose while your mouth is full. Nothing better than a hard cock to fill a man's mouth. Oops, don't mind the equipment, cameraman got a little too excited and almost knocked the camera over. Delta inspects Mike's butt muscles and hole and takes in the full flavor with his tongue. Then gloves up and begins pounding Mike's ass while perched up against the wall. Love the sound of Delta's hips and thighs slapping up against Mike's cheeks. The longer he pounds, the closer Mike gets to blowing until he can't hold it back any longer. Mike blows a nice thick creamy load all over the floor while Delta continues to pound. Afterwards, Delta sits back in the chair and unloads all over his hairy stomach and groin.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style
September 10, 2015|A Fuck To Remember|||Kameron Frost is kicked back on the couch getting his cock serviced by Kyle. Dammit, some guys have all the luck! And no, I can't help it, that is one beautiful fat cock I want to wrap my lips around and cherish all day long. Well, maybe a little time spent on worshiping Kam's ass too. Off come the clothes and on goes the glove as Kam mounts Kyle doggy style. Listen to those grunts from Kyle. From behind the two, I get a good look at... err... we get a good look at both men's ass while Kam pounds Kyle's hole. With Kyle's cock flying about doing the helicopter, he buries his face in his pants with Kam driving his fat cock deep inside his little ass. Close, Kam pulls out and blows one huge load on his stomach. That's got to be one of the biggest loads I've seen Kam blow. Kyle follows letting lose his own droplets.| Anal sex, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load, Kissing, Oral sex
September 07, 2015|Buff & Fluff|||Jess Royan is on site with John Scott taking some photos. When it comes to showing off the "goods," John needs a fluffer. Jess jumps in to help the young man out and does a fine job getting John to full measure; and himself. Forget the photo shoot, time to take a break for some different kind of action. After sucking each others cock, Jess goes down for a little sneaker worship and back to sucking Johns cock. Then John takes in a little sneaker worshiping himself. The two go back and forth playing, sucking, sniffing and kissing. Both with tight balls and ready to unload, it's John who steals the show and shoots a load up into the air. Love the slow motion on this one!| Cumshots, Deep throat, Huge load, Kissing
September 03, 2015|This Ass Needs More Than A Cock|||If you're not a fan of fisting, foot fucking, hardcore spanking and nipple twisting, you might want to skip this fetish scene with ScallyBoy and AKA. As the scene opens, AKA is on the floor waving his calling card; his ass and hole. ScallyBoy stands back and takes in the view as he plays with his cock; imagining all the wonderful playtime he can have with that. If you've seen ScallyBoy before, then you know he's an aggressive top and enjoys dominating his partners. ScallyBoy takes another puff from his cigarette and moves in. ScallyBoy starts out with some spanking, or should I say "whacks" wearing his Nike gloves. Then it's deep throating AKA while putting on the nipple clamps. AKA bends over, ass in the air begging for more whacks before getting gagged with ScallyBoy's cock again. AKA proud of his ass, turns and shoves his hole into the camera. ScallyBoy will have none of that, and spins him around grabbing onto the nipple clamps and reminds AKA who's running the show. ScallyBoy then teases AKA's hole with a couple fingers before shoving his cock in. Pounding away at AKA's hole, he continues to whack the cheeks and pile drives his cock deep and hard. Needing more than a hard cock, AKA lubes up and mounts ScallyBoy's bare foot. With all toes in, it's down over the arch and bounces up and down. Wanting more playtime with his cock, AKA sucks and strokes ScallyBoy before mounting up. Now it's a finger plus cock pumping AKA's ass. Next, AKA perches on a step ladder while ScallyBoy lubes up his glove and drives his fist up into AKA's ass. With ScallyBoy hitting that "magic spot," AKA blows his load. Now it's ScallyBoy's turn. AKA takes a knee licking ScallyBoy's balls while he jerks and blows his load into AKA's face. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Fingering, Riding, Sex Toys
August 31, 2015|Spanish Cocks|||Julien Wellman is kicked back on the bed playing with his cock just peeking out of the leg of his boxers. We can hear a shower running and we find Billy Baval cleaning up. We can only imagine why, right? Billy dries off and wraps the towel around his waist and walks into the bedroom. As soon as he's within reach, Julien pulls the towel off and starts sucking his cock; that's one nice banana shaped cock and looks ripe for the pickin'... err... suckin'. Julien still has his boxers on but can't contain his hard cock poking out through the leg as he worships Billy's cock and balls. Time for those boxers to come off as Billy turns Julien over on his knee's; time to walk the dog. Doggy style it is as Billy gloves up and slides in. Our cameraman does a great job getting us shots of the action from both behind the two men as well as above. If you lose track of "who's who" in this scene, just remember that Julien has the tattoo on his lower back. Changing positions, Julien mounts Billy with both facing the camera. Then going missionary Julien unloads his balls while Billy fucks his ass. The closer Julien gets, the louder the panting and out oozes a creamy deliciousness. Billy is right there too, pulling out his cock and blows on Julien's stomach and pubes and the two head off to the shower.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Missionary, Riding
August 27, 2015|Two Cocks, Three Nuts|||Edwin on the left in grey print shirt and Clem Agde on the right are on the patio making out. Pretty soon it's Edwin's cock out and Clem locks his lips around Edwin's nice curved cock. The two young men go back and forth between sucking cock and locking lips. Edwin wets his finger, the two, and gauges his partner before sliding his naturally shaped prostrate banger in Clem's ass. The cameraman gets in close on the action and delivers us a great view as the two fuck standing up. Edwin sits down on the steps and Clem sits down on Edwin's cock. Before long, Clem is ready to blow and wants to unload all over Edwin's chest down to his stomach. Then it's Edwin's turn as he stands and blows all over Clem's chest and stomach. Don't run off yet guys, Clem strokes out a second load and it's damn near as big as the first.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Huge load, Kissing, Riding
August 24, 2015|Back to Nature|||Enzo Di Karina is out on one of the trails used for cruising enjoying some "self satisfaction" when Kallam happens along. Kallam does what any good cock sucker would do; bends over and starts sucking. At first glance, I wasn't sure that Kallam could fit that monster in his mouth; and look at the size of them balls on Enzo. Enzo isn't all take and no give and shows us his oral skills while looking right at the camera. Those eyes are saying "C'mon boys, there's plenty of room." The two men go back and forth servicing each others cock and then Enzo wants to take in the full flavor of Kallam's hole. Getting his hole good and wet first, Enzo then slides in after gloving up. With Kallam's one leg up on the wall, the other on the ground, we get a great view of the action from underneath. Yep, cock plunging deep, balls slapping, don't mind the plane flying overhead, it just adds to the sound effects. Enzo continues teasing us looking at the camera while he fucks Kallam. The men move to a small bridge over the water with Kallam on all 4's and does a little teasing of his own with the camera. Enzo mounts "up" doggy style and does some long slow and deep thrusting before turning up the heat again. Notice the precum dripping from Kallam's cock? When time to blow his load, Enzo pulls out and blows all over Kallam's chest while squating on the ground. Enzo then squats over Kallam's face laying on the ground while her squeezes a hefty load out all over his stomach.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Hard Fuck, Rimming
August 20, 2015|When Nature Calls|||When nature calls, there's no fooling around; it's "I'll drop my pants, you get on your knee's and suck my cock" as Jimmy Breton and Kamel demonstrate. Whether in the countryside or the city, when a sexy young man like Kamel is in the mood, who would say no? While Jimmy sucks on that thick hard cock, Kamel looks right at us as to say "wanna join?" with those beautiful eyes and grin. Looks like Kamel is ready to do some hiking; right up Jimmy's trail... err... tail. Even while pounding Jimmy, Kamel still takes time to look at the camera and tease us; "Like what you see, come get some." Fucking Jimmy doggy style, it doesn't take long before Kamel is ready to blow. The two stand side by side as Kamel blows a huge load that explodes out of his cock hitting the ground. Good thing the cameraman was using the zoom or Kamel would have hit the lens. Then Jimmy follows through adding his own fertilizer to the mix. I know one patch of this area that's gonna have some "green pasture."| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Huge load, Jerking Off, Oral sex
August 17, 2015|Poolside Hotties|||When it "cums" to a couple of young hot studs, Sunny Blue and Jimy Fix are right at the top of the list here on Today, we've paired these two up at the pool in a scene we know our members are going to add to their favorites list and watch again and again. Hope you have a good supply of tissue boys! Jimy is first up, or rather down on his knee's to service Sunny's beautiful thick cock. Then it's Jimy's turn as Sunny goes down on his cock in the lounge chair. The two go back and forth and when Sunny stands up with a rock hard cock, I'm reminded how much I love "low hangers." The two boys continue making eye contact with the camera throughout the scene knowing they have us ready to blow. Keep on edging guys, we're in for a hot fuck scene. Sunny bends over the lounge chair as Jimy mounts up doggy style. From behind, over the top, in front and the side, the action is nothing short of "cock blowing" camera angles. Sunny keeps his eyes glued to the camera the whole time he's getting pounded. With the boys ready to unload, they kick back in the lounge chairs side by side and jerk. Jimy is first to blow a creamy load full of edible deliciousness. Then Sunny unloads an impressive stream of jizz onto his stomach and groin that begs for a tongue bath.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load, Kissing, Oral sex
August 13, 2015|A Penetrating Massage|||Kevin Sportswear goes in for a massage from the capable hands of John Despe. However, today, it looks like Kevin wants one of John's deep penetrating massages. Laying on the table and looking at Kevin's gorgeous plump ass, I think I'm going to change professions. As the massage gets started and John squeezes the "charmin," Kevin does a little massaging of his own on John's cock using his mouth. Then John demonstrates this same technique on Kevin's cock. The two men go back and forth until John is rock hard and ready to show us another massaging technique; a deep penetrating massage. This of course starts out with gently wetting and rimming the anus. Now ready for his penetrating massage, Kevin "assumes" the position mounting himself on John's cock on the table. John starts with a gentle massaging on the muscle tissue before turning up the heat when he flips Kevin over doggy style on the table. As John gets close to blowing his load, he dismounts from the table and stands over Kevin's shoulder and blows his load from his shoulder down to Kevin's groin and that's all it took to put Kevin over the edge. Kevin blows his own creamy load and now covered in cum from the waist up. Where's the showers?| 69, Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load, Rimming
August 10, 2015|Cosy apartment|||Akan Awan heads over to look at an apartment he is going to be moving into. The former tenant, Kameron Frost is still occupying the apartment and agrees to let Akan take a look around. It soon becomes obvious that it's not only the apartment that Akan wants to check out. Kameron is the happy recipient of Akan's lip service. Kameron lays back on the bed and let's Akan take it "all in." While Akan is doing his inspection, Kameron does a little inspecting of his own and grabs a handful of Akan's ass. Kameron is ready to do "deep inspection" and rolls Akan over and fucks him doggy style and pile drives his this thick cock deep. Akan wants to have a look at the view from the french doors leading to the balcony and Kameron obliges. Akan braces himself against the doors as Kameron gives us another view from underneath and we watch his cock continue pounding Akan's hole. The move back to the bed with Akan on his back. With legs high in the air, the two men kiss while Kameron plows away and Akan grabs his cock to get in a few strokes. With both men ready to blow, Akan might not be cream filled, but he's certainly got plenty of icing all over his chest and stomach.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load
August 06, 2015|The Double|||As the scene opens, we find newcummer Delta Kobra getting his cock serviced by Nick, another newcummer to You'll learn to easily recognize Delta by the familiar tattoo on his head. I have to say Delta does have a nice body and "everything" else to go with it including a sexy fur coat. If this was Hollywood, he could easily be a stunt double for Francois Sagat. But enough about that, it's time to sit back with our favorite glass of wine or lager and see what these two guys are made of. It would seem that Nick is quite the cocksucker as he goes down (and up) on Delta's cock. The two men pause to lock lips momentarily and back down Nick goes. Delta then lays back on the mat with Nick's eager lips in tow. From behind Nick, we get a good view of Nick's "behind" and pink hole. It looks like Delta is zooming in on the same thing as he pulls out a condom and "gloves up." Oh nice, look here boys. This is our first good look at Delta's ass; SEXY! That's what I call some great looking "beefcakes." It quickly becomes obvious that Delta knows how to fuck and it doesn't take long before he's ready to blow. Delta pulls out and lays back to finish up jerking and blows a nice creamy load all over his hairy stomach and groin. Nick follows suit and blows an equally "lickable" load onto his stomach.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fucking, Kissing, Missionary, Oral sex
August 03, 2015|An Afternoon Delight|||Kevin is at the old abandoned workshop by the water waiting on Alessio to arrive for some 'afternoon delight'. As soon as Alessio arrives, there's no time wasted as he drops to his knees for a mouthful of Kevin's cock. You blame him? Kevin is a sexy hot twink! Kevin face fucks Alessio and slaps his face with his cock; then shoves him down for a little sneaker worship. As the action continues, Kevin slowly peels out of his clothes. Now you see what I mean about Kevin. Sexy! Kevin dives in Alessio's pink hole tongue first taking in the full flavor of the menu while Alessio is perched up against the wall; face buried in a sneaker. The two drop to the floor and Kevin starts pounding Alessios' hole. Judging by the smile and look on Alessio's face, this is one afternoon delight he could get used to. Changing positions, Kevin fucks him doggy style and shoves a sneaker in his face. When Kevin is ready to blow, he turns Alessio around and blows a thick creamy load into Alessio's face.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Missionary
July 30, 2015|Fucked By A Twink|||Tim Cosla opens the door to welcome a hot new little twink by the name of Thibault to FrenchDudes. They stop to kiss and head to the living room and waste no time getting things "up and down to business." I haven't seen Tim in a while and I'm reminded how much I love his big smooth balls; totally suckable and lickable and the kind of guy you want to be tea bagged by. It seems that Thibault agrees and wants to take in the full flavor of Tim and eats his ass too as they 69. As the camera switches ends, we get to see Thibault's nice little hairy hole. Thibault starts fingering and gauging Tim's hole while he jerks his big cock before fucking him doggy style. I definitely like this new twink and this certainly ain't his first rodeo riding a hot ass. Watching from behind we get to watch Tim's cock helicopter as Thibault pounds his hole. The two swtich up and Tim rides Thibault sitting on the couch. Thibault has a better idea as he stands Tim up and bends him over and plows him from behind standing in front of the window; rodeo's are a spectator sport! Changing up positions again, Tim laying on his back on the table, Thibault continues to pound away. The two change up positions one more time before they blow their loads into a small cup; Thibault first. Then Tim adds his creamy load to the cup and invites us to drink up.| 69, Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load, Missionary, Rimming
July 27, 2015|Man Sized Loads|||As the scene opens, we're greeted with a big smile on Cyril Bigdick's face as Romain fondles his cock while exchanging lip locks. Soon, both mens' pants are down, hard cocks exposed and Romain starts sucking while Cyril starts stroking. With all being fair, Cyril drops to his knees and does a little sucking of his own. Both of these men are fairly well endowed and it's more than a mouthful for each. Romain braces himself against the wall while Cyril takes in the full flavor of his sexy hole. From underneath, we get a good look at Romain's hard uncut cock and balls so close you'll feel like you could reach out and touch them. Having warmed up Romains' hole, Cyril slides his cock in and the real action starts. As Cyril pumps his ass, Romain strokes his hard cock. The faster Cyril pumps, the faster Romain strokes until he's close to blowing his load and takes a break. Nothing better than watching a hard cock helicopter and rock and forth. Damn that's a sexy looking uncut cock! With both men obviously ready to unload their balls, Cyril takes a knee while Romain strokes, then Romain. Cyril is the first to blow while standing over Romain, but only by seconds as Romain shoots a hefty load up and onto his chest and stomach.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load, Kissing, Rimming
July 23, 2015|Summer Love|||Anthony Cruz and Fabrizio are in the pool playing "splash about" when the fun and games becomes a "suck about." This scene had me "excited" from the start seeing Anthony in his white bikini swimwear; sexy guy, white bikini, big bulge, what's not to get excited about? Fabrizio seems to agree with me as he can't resist any longer and buries his face in Anthony's crotch. With his cock growing and getting to big to conceal any longer, Anthony pulls his cock out the leg of his bikini. Fabrizio wraps his lips around and "goes to town." Get a load of that sexy body when Anthony stands up on the edge of the pool and feeds his cock to Fabrizio. Check out that ass! Anthony hops in the pool to cool off and heat things "up" at the same time as he fucks Fabrizio in the pool. Cock in hand while hanging on to the edge of the pool, Fabrizio is thoroughly enjoying the pool activities this afternoon. The two men retire to the poolside lounge for a bit and Anthony feeds that monster of his to Fabrizio. Then it's back down on the deck and in goes the dick. Oh yeah! my favorite view, watching from behind the action and an eyeful of ass. With both close and ready to blow, Fabrizio stands over Anthony sitting on the edge of the pool and "let's it jet"... a huge load that coats Anthony's chest followed by Anthony coating the lower half of his body and groin.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load, Kissing
July 20, 2015|Talk About Being Gifted|||Checking out the availability at a local men's club, Picwik comes across a self-sucker by the name of Artem. It helps when you got the size to go with being limber. Lucky for Picwik, Artem enjoy the lip service from another man. As Artem stands and takes a knee giving full access to Picwik, if it's "au natural" you like, then Artem is your kind of guy; plenty of nature's dental floss readily available. If it's a big cock, Artem definitely has that base covered and with Picwik bent over on all 4's, I'm sure he can testify to that. Good thing Picwik is an experienced bottom. Watching Artem work his cock in and out of Picwik, it looks like he gets a workout himself. DAMN, he makes sucking a guys cock while fucking him in the ass at the same time look easy. Picwik has already worked up a sweat and he's not really doing the work. Laying on his back, Picwik takes charge of his cock and strokes feverishly until he blows a nice thick stream of jizz up onto his stomach and groin, jock strap included. Don't blow your own load just yet. Wait until you see Artem suck himself and blow into his own mouth eating his own cum while fingering Picwik's ass at the same time. Talk about gifted!| Anal sex, Auto Fellatio, Cum Eating, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Facials, Fingering, Huge load, Missionary, Self Suck
July 16, 2015|Blow and Go|||FrenchDudes wel'cums Sulyvan and Aymet to the site. As the scene opens, Sulyvan is at the old abandoned house looking for some action while enjoying a smoke in one hand and his cock in the other. Aymet walks in and the two young men get "busy." With both of them having similar haircuts and body builds, Sulyvan is in white and Aymet in the dark colored top. Aymet drops to his knee's and starts sucking Sulyvan's rather nice cock and lickable balls. The two exchange lip service before Sulyvan takes charge and props Aymet up against the wall. A little finger and a little tongue and Aymet is ready for the real deal. Pounding feverishly, Sulyvan certainly knows how to fuck a guy; just listen to Aymet. Wasting no time, Sulyvan is quick to pull out and finish jerking off and blowing in Aymet's face. He no sooner blows and he goes walking out and leaving Aymet to finish himself off.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style
July 13, 2015|Mirror mirror on the wall|||Dimitri Swaroski is in the shower with John Adams kicked back on the bed watching in anticipation of what's to "cum." Dimitri finishes in the shower and joins John on the bed taking in a little sneaker worship to start. With Dimitri's ass in the air, John gets a great view watching the action in the overhead mirror while Dimitri takes in the view from mirror on the wall. This is a setting is a videographer's dream come true. Our two boys also approve as they both enjoy the reflections. With Dimitri's hole ready for the taking, John "gloves up" and mounts Dimitri doggy style as we watch in stereo thanks to the mirrors. It doesn't take long before John is ready to blow. Pulling out, John jerks his cock and blows his load all over the a sneaker and Dimitri's stomach. Then we get a close up of Dimitri jerking and blowing streams of jizz all over himself.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Licking, Rimming
July 09, 2015|Shower Me|||Djellal and Euskadi are out by the pool relaxing on the sunbeds. Euskadi gets an "itch" and Djellal is all eyes. Djellal is quick to offer his services when Euskadi realizes he's being caught and gets up to leave. After some lengthy lip locks, Djellal is on his knee's and sucking Euskadi. Love the look of those balls hanging over the edge of his pants. Now up to full measure, Euskadi wants to check out Djellal's "end." First an eye inspection, then the taste test before sliding on a glove; and we aren't talking about a doctors finger. After getting Djellal loosened up fucking him from behind while bent over, Euskadi settles back in the lounge chair while Djellal goes for a ride. Then over to missionary style where we get a good look at he action; don't mind the added sound effects from the chair. Back to doggy style on the ground before the two men let things blow. First it's Djellal blowing a nice creamy load on his stomach and then Euskadi blows nice load all over Djellal's shoulder.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load, Interracial, Missionary, Riding, Spooning
July 06, 2015|Deep Penetration Part Two|||Getting back with Fabien Footeux and Matith Yah in the kitchen, Fabien has Matith against the wall and playing "ramrod" with his sizable cock. Fwap! Fwap! Fwap! it goes as we see Matith's eyes roll back and butt cheeks reddened from the spanking. Matith now lays on his back on the table sniffing a sneaker while Fabien inspects his work before he continues. Can't blame a guy for wanting to do the job right. Next we see Matith on the floor with Fabien's socked foot crammed in his mouth. Oops, Matith lets one loose. With the coast clear, Fabien goes back to work pile driving Matith's hole on the floor. Stopping to check his progress, Matith's hole is looking bright red and opening up nicely. At this point, Fabien decides to finish himself off and sits back in the chair. Matith quickly takes his place between Fabien's legs and provides a little more lip service before Fabien takes over. Fabien blows a good sized load all over Matith and down his chest and stomach. Then Matith finishes himself off with Fabien providing the aroma of "de'feet." I'd say more like "suck'cess."| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Fingering, Huge load, Oral sex
July 02, 2015|Deep Penetration Part One|||Fabien Footeux comes down to the kitchen where Matith Yah is sitting at the table going through the post. Seems as though Fabien is "posting" something of his own in the way of a hard cock in need of attention. Fabien buries Matith's face in his crotch and Matith proceeds to "wet his noodle." Matith works Fabien's cock feverishly until Fabien decides it's time to "up" the action in this hot twink scene. You'll be amazed by all of the positions two twinks can find themselves in and Matith takes it to an all new level (for me) when giving a blowjob. But the action doesn't stop with just a blowjob. Throw in some sneaker fetish, a little rimming, sucking face and these two are ready for some deep penetration. With a cock like Fabien has, it can't be anything but deep!| Fingering, Oral sex, Rimming, Sucking
June 29, 2015|Kevin Archer Dicks Manu|||Kevin Archer is wanting some action and gives Manu a call and tells him he's "hot to trot." Upon arrival, Manu walks in and starts sucking Kevin lying on the bed. I almost forgot how thick Kevin's cock was until I saw Manu wrapping his lips around it and taking it into his mouth. Manu works that thick piece of man meat and off come Kevin's runners. Nice set of balls there Kevin and how about Manu's ass showing out the backless briefs guys? Nice! Ready to get down to some serious play, Kevin slides on a glove and lubes up Manu's ass. With Manu lying down on the bed on his stomach, Kevin makes his way inside that tight little ass. From the behind the two, we get a great view of the action. Well, of Kevin's cock going in and out of Manu's hole. Between the sound of Kevin's balls slapping up against Manu's ass and the bed bouncing up and down, you can almost feel the action. The two men lay back on the bed ready to share their load. Kevin lets go first coating his stomach and then Manu blows all over the floor while sitting on the edge of the bed.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style
June 25, 2015|Tibo Whites Dominates Niko Rekins - Part Two|||Tibo Whites is pounding away at Niko Rekins tight hole doggy style on the ground as Niko quips. Then standing Niko up, Tibo again dominates the boys hole as we watch from behind. Niko takes a couple sniffs from the sneaker and stokes his cock. The two men switch up positions throughout the scene. With Niko perched up against a tree, Tibo continues to pound until he's ready to blow. Niko drops to the ground and Tibo relieves the pressure blowing his load all over Niko below. Niko now jerks his cock and oozes out a thick load all over the sneaker he's held onto. | Anal sex, Cumshots, Doggy style, Hard Fuck
June 22, 2015|Tibo Whites Dominates Niko Rekins - Part One|||Tibo Whites is perusing one of the local cruise areas when he spots Nko Rekins. Tibo approaches Niko on his knees and pulls out his cock; the "dominator." Niko takes a taste of the dominator and does a little sneaker worship while Tibo spits on the boy. Tibo face fucks Niko and slaps his face with his cock. Bending Niko over and shoving him to all four's sniffing a sneaker, Tibo takes aim at Niko's sexy ass and pink hole. A few swats with the sneaker, tongue in hole, some fingering and Niko is ready for the dominator.| Anal sex, Doggy style, Fingering, Licking, Oral sex
June 18, 2015|Jean Franko Fucks Enzo Rimenez|||In the backroom of an adult arcade we find Jean Franko poking his "poker" through a glory hole with the awaiting lips of Enzo Rimenez on the other side. Enzo immediately starts servicing Jeans' cock while stroking his own. If you're fan of uncut cocks and foreskin play, you're sure to enjoy this scene watching Enzo working Jean's foreskin. Slowly but sure, the two mean start undressing and when it comes to hot hunks, muscular bodies and gorgeous asses, these two men rank right up there. Ready to meet in person, Enzo moves to join Jean and the two play grab ass while Enzo continues to service Jean. When Jean slips on the glove and stuffs that thick cock of his up Enzo's ass, Jean finds himself taking on more than he bargained for judging by the look on his face. Jean is a great top and knows how to "work his magic." Enzo can't maintain an erection while Jean fucks him, it's just a bit too much. Not saying Enzo isn't enjoying his encounter, just a bit more cock than he's used to "accommodating." Jean pulls out and let's Enzo finish him off with a blowjob until he gets close. Ready to blow, Jean unloads a thick creamy stream of jizz all over the floor followed by Enzo's equally impressive load.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Glory Hole, Hard Fuck
June 15, 2015|Chad Gets A Suprise|||We're in Paris today and have a surprise for Chad Edwin. Someone he knows and hasn't seen in a long time. We'll just call him Mr Hood. Mr Hood is hoping that Chad doesn't recognize him wearing the hood. I don't know about Chad, but the scene just got started and I already want to know who it is. Down in the basement, Mr Hood is already on his knee's wearing only a jock strap and bulging out of it. This should be interesting. With a cock like Mr Hood has, you would think Chad could remember who that is. Especially when he sucks his own cock. Auto-fellatio anyone? Then Chad drops down to suck on that monster. A sexy young man and a guy with a monster cock; who wouldn't enjoy this scene? Chad does a little more face fucking before grabbing for the lube and lubes up a Hood's hole and inserts a big black plug. After opening Hood up, Chad slips on the glove, grabs a couple handful of ass and gives Hood the real deal. From behind, I love how Chad's balls look while he's fucking the Hood, not to mention watching Hood jerking his big fat cock while getting pounded. They switch to missionary and while getting fucked, Hood blows a stream of jizz up onto Chad's chest damn near hitting Chad in the face and all over the two of them, now that's one helluva cum shot. Chad pulls out and moves around to finish jerking himself off and unloads on Hood's stomach. No you're seeing correctly, Mr Hood blows a second load at the same time adding more jizz to the pool. Afterwards, the hood comes off and Chad recognizes our mystery man as someone he went to college with.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Huge load, Missionary, Oral sex, Sex Toys, Auto Fellatio
June 11, 2015|Malik XXL Fucks Jess Royan|||It seems as though Jess Royan is more interested in looking at the camera in this video, even while sucking Malik XXL cock at first. That's okay, Malik has no problem reminding Jess why they are there. Bending Jess over, the camera man gets in real tight and close. Malik is going to check out how tight that hole is; or is not, First thing I noticed or "didn't notice" is a condom. We're going "au natural" today boys! Malik starts out pounding Jess doggy style before flipping him over to missionary. Not satisfied, the two men go back to doggy. Looks like Jess is having a hard time taking ALL of Malik. Malik takes a seat as Jess straddles over him and takes a seat; on Malik's cock. At this point, Jess has to take a break. Not one of his better days when it comes to being a bottom. But that's okay, he's back in "in a flash" thanks to our video editor. Now finishing up what they started, both men stand and unload their balls all over the floor. When Jess blows, Malik even reaches over and gives him a swat on the ass as to say "good job boy."| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Huge load, Riding, Facials
June 08, 2015|Enzo Rimenez Casts Brian Next|||Jumping right into it, we find Enzo Rimenez and Brian Next making out and kissing down in the old wine cellar. If you're not familiar with these guys, Enzo has the sexy beard and muscular smooth looking chest. Brian is the one with his pants hanging off his ass exposing a couple of sexy smooth cheeks. Brian is also the one that drops to his knee's first and enjoys wetting Enzo's noodle. Must be spaghetti with white sauce for dinner tonight. Enzo drops down to return the hospitality sucking Brian before the two switch back up. Not that Enzo doesn't appreciate Brian's oral talent, but he's ready for a little more and bends Brian over to savor that tasty looking ass. Enzo gauges Brian's hole a little first before sliding his cock in. From the side, you get a good look at Enzo's sexy physique, not to mention ass; my favorite part of a man's body. After pounding away at Brian's ass, Enzo pulls out and finished jerking off and blows a hefty load all down Brian's chest and stomach. Then it's Brain's turn as he jerks himself off and launches his load all over the floor.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Rimming
June 04, 2015|Too hot in the sauna!|||Malik TN is in the room watching Julien Wellman playing with his cock on the floor while playing with his own in the white robe. Julien decides enough solo play and hops up to his knee's and checks out what Malik is concealing under that robe. Julien gets throat fucked by Malik and gags. Malik should have been a lumberjack cuz' he sure knows how to work that log. Malik settles to the floor while Julien continues to service him. Then Malik returns the favor and sucks Julien or rather Julien face fucks Malik. Julien reaches for a condom and slips it on Malik wanting to do some log rolling. From behind looking on, it looks like a tight squeeze as Malik's fat cock goes in and out of Julien's ass. Then Malik rolls Julien over missionary and drives deep and hard with Julien tugging at his own cock. This is some "hot man sex" guys! Just listen to these two go at it. The faster Malik pounds the faster Julien strokes his cock until he blows his load onto his stomach. Malik quickly pulls out and finishes jerking himself off adding an explosive finish to the scene and all over Julien's chest and stomach.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Riding
June 01, 2015|Glory Hole - Pedro Paliza Fucks Morgan Daix|||Morgan Daix has his eyes focused on on a fat cock poking through the glory hole while stroking his crotch. As the cock slides through the glory hole, Morgan is quick to his knee's to start sucking. The camera switches sides of the wall and we see Pedro Paliza. Pedro keeps feeding and Morgan keeps eating sticking his mouth into the glory hole begging for more. Morgan takes off his jeans and Pedro sticks his hand through to get a better "feel" of Morgan's hairy ass. Satisfied with the "goods", Pedro makes his way around the wall to an awaiting Morgan. The two men waste no time picking back up where they left off with Morgan sucking Pedro. Pulling out a condom, Pedro slips it on and positions Morgan for his "entrance." Once Pedro buries his cock deep inside Morgan, it's "game on." Grabbing a handful of Morgan's "love handles" Pedro picks up the pace. From underneath the two, you get a good view of the action as we listen to Morgan panting and sighs of pleasure. Pedro picks up the pace even more and Morgan ends up blowing his load all over the floor while getting fucked.| Anal sex, Cumshots, Deep throat, Doggy style, Fingering, Glory Hole, Huge load

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